Your Daily Psychic Tarot Reading

with John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a moment and ask a question you’d love to get some guidance on. When you’re ready, click on the card you feel most drawn to for your personal Psychic Tarot Oracle Reading.

Passion Ignited

The first of the Spirit Cards signifies that this is the time to let your soul soar! New beginnings, ideas, revelations, and exciting adventures await you in your personal or business life. Creative endeavors, enthusiasm, positive energy, and a renewed spiritual strength are at an all-time high at this time. The powerful force of spirit is flowing strongly through you and with it, comes a new sense of purpose. This is a time to be all that you can be, reach inside yourself and tap into that force. Use it to move forwards and to set up strong a foundation for the future. Other people may feel your excitement, your joy, and begin to benefit from the spark of life thats emanating from you. Theyll wonder: "What is your secret?" and your energy could even ignite their own spiritual journey. Follow your intuition, but know that this is your time to spread your wings and fly!

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