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2019 Events

May 2019
May 30th, 2019

An Evening of Spirit Communication

Pompton Lakes, NJ

Join international mediums John Holland and Janet Nohavec for a gala demonstration of mediumship. Pre-registration is required. This is an event where John and Janet will be giving messages to some of the people in the audience.  The medium(s) give as many messages as the time of the event allows.  Please note, if you attend, you are not guaranteed a message.

Unfortunately, once a ticket is purchased there are no refunds

Tips for attending this gala event

Please try and keep an open mind; try not to fixate on only one person that you'd like to hear from. If you understand most of the information the medium is saying, please raise your hand and speak up when the medium addresses you. It is helpful for the medium to hear your voice, however, please do not volunteer information to the medium.

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May 31st-June 1st, 2019

Psychic Pathways to Mediumship


Mediumship works through the natural psychic faculties with which we are all equipped. Once a link with Spirit is established, a medium will receive information through the natural psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, or clairaudience to be able to validate the link and deliver authentic and empowering messages.

Join John Holland and Janet Nohavec - two of the most genuine and qualified professional spiritual mediums for this rare 2 Full Day Workshop, which has been created specifically for mediumship students of all levels who already possess a good basic understanding of the mechanics of psychic ability.

This is not a psychic development weekend – but a chance to better understand and strengthen the spiritual power of your psychic abilities that you already possess, so you can become stronger and more evidential with your mediumship.

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June 2019
June 20th, 2019

Spirit Messengers | An Evening of Mediumship

Moth & Moon Studio

2 Mediums – One Special Evening. Join renowned Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher John Holland and Massachusetts Intuitive Medium Laura Wooster for an Evening of Mediumship in which they will be delivering messages, and connecting some audience members with their loved ones in Spirit!  This is an intimate gathering of 50 people only!

Please note that the purchase of a ticket does not guarantee a reading.Once a ticket is purchased there are no refunds.

June 27th- July 1st, 2019

Celebrate Your Life

Skamania Lodge | Stevenson, Washington
Weekend Conference ON SALE NOW

Celebrate Your Life is one of the most amazing Soul-Fests in the world! I love being a part of this event as it brings people together from all over the world and you get to experience all these powerful spiritual teachers all in one place at one time.

I will be giving an interactive lecture "Revealing Your Soul Senses - Unlocking the Power Within" with group exercises and of course some LIVE readings!

There’s a dramatic shift in our consciousness occurring. We’re becoming more psychically sensitive, more empathetic to the physical world, the spiritual realms, as well as each other. Not too long ago, people were content to simply go to an intuitive or a psychic medium for a reading to get some guidance in their life. But now, people now want more!

They’re challenging previously held perceptions and asking thought-provoking questions, such as:

  • Why am I so empathically sensitive lately, and what should I do about it?
  • Ifeel I’m in touch with those on the Other-Side, so does that mean I’m a medium?
  • Is the Spirit World getting closer to our world?
  • Can I learn to control my psychic abilities?

This lively and interactive workshop, with LIVE psychic exercises will answer these questions and more. John will show you that you don’t have to be a psychic or medium to tap into the abundance of extraordinary abilities that often lie dormant in each and every one of us.

By the end of this illuminating workshop, you’ll walk away having learned:

  • How to tap into your soul senses, and how to put them to good use with your personal relationships, your health, important business decisions, as well as every aspect of your life.
  • The mechanics of your inner-awareness to provide a deeper understanding of how your aura and energy centers (chakras) play a vital role in your psychic development, and how they help to create a harmonious balanced body, mind & soul.
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July 2019
July 13th, 2019

Magic Of The Soul | Inside Wisdom for an Outside World


This transformational and energetic workshop, Magic Of The Soul  • Inside Wisdom for an Outside World has been designed to help you lead a more authentic life that aligns with your aspirations.

If you’ve ever felt overcome with feelings of being trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled or you often ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” or “How can I lead a more soul-filled intuitive life?” then this workshop will show you how to tap in to one of the most powerful and magical forces in the Universe—your soul

In this all-day workshop, John will guide you step by step to develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that shape your life and help you reconnect with your individual soul force.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Understand the purpose of your soul and open yourself to a guiding higher consciousness.
  • Dismantle the barriers created by your outer-self, so you can unveil your true inner-self.
  • How to develop and use your psychic soul senses and do readings for yourself as well as others
  • Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others, so you can control your own path.
  • Enhance your body, mind, and soul to live a life of harmony.
  • Experience a special and powerful meditation (Soul Entrainment ®) that John was certified in, that enables him to take you safely to a level where you can communicate with your soul to receive the answers and healing that you have been searching for.           

This workshop is more than just a guide ... it’s a way back to living from the inside out.

BONUS: John will end the day with a demonstration of his mediumship and show you how he uses his psychic soul senses to connect to the Other-Side and give messages to some of the participants.

IMPORTANT: Once you are registered, the workshop fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other workshops, classes, or events. So please be sure you are ready and able to make this commitment to yourself and your personal development BEFORE you register. All workshop fees are final.

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July 25th, 2019

The Gathering July 25

Unity on the River | 58 Macy Street, Amesbury, MA
Evening Event 7:00pm-9:00pm ON SALE NOW

Come and join John for this incredibly powerful evening "The Gathering" featuring a lecture and messages from the Other-Side.

During this intimate evening limited to just 50 people, John Holland will present his fascinating insight into the world of a psychic medium, as always with his memorable style and classic sensitivity. 

Please note, the purchase of a ticket does not guarantee a reading.

September 2019
September 12th, 2019

Bridging Two Realms | An Evening of Spirit Messages

Doubletree Resort Scottsdale

During this special evening, John will present a fascinating insight into how a medium connects with Spirit to bring healing messages of hope, love, and inspiration. John will explain how our loved ones on the Other-Side continually try to send us signs and symbols to let us know they’re still connected to us. He’ll also explain how you can have your own personal connections.

John will spend the majority of the evening giving as many messages as possible.

This special evening is Open to the Public and separate from your Soul Summit Scottsdale Pass!

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September 12th-15th, 2019

Soul Summit Scottsdale : The Art of High Vibration Living

Weekend Event ON SALE NOW

Soul Summit Scottsdale is a magical, empowering immersion into the impeccable, inherent potential of you. You will learn the Art of High Vibration Living from some of the most extraordinary thought leaders and wisdom holders of our time. High vibration living is not for the select few!

We will journey into the spirited aspects of self-care, self-love, heart coherence, intuitive intelligence, and mediumship, to reveal each of our Soul’s true potential. We will uncover techniques for living in simpler, sweeter, and softer terms. Our lives personify more ease and grace as we live with the focus of raising our frequency and vibration for our highest good and ultimately that of the planet.

Join us as we know and understand that our loved ones in Spirit also heal and transform with us.

Specially negotiated room rates at the Doubletree Resort are available now - click here for details

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