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John Holland Head Shots
John Holland Bio


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John Holland is one of the most highly respected Psychic Mediums in the country.  He is also a spiritual teacher, author, and founder of My Soul Community - [click the synopsis below to read full bio]


John Holland is one of the most highly respected Psychic Mediums in the country.  He is also a spiritual teacher, author, and founder of My Soul Community.
His demonstrations of mediumship provide audiences with a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of a medium, as he explains how he can blend his own energy with that of Spirit, to create a link to be able to communicate with the Other-Side. He does this with candour, integrity humor and a lightness of touch, unique to John Holland.
Having studied in the UK for two intensive years, he has spent the last 20-years continually training and honing his gifts, that have made him one of the most sought-after professional mediums on the world stage!
He’s starred in numerous TV shows and documentaries, and is the author of 6 Books, 4 Oracle Decks, Mobile Apps and much more. He believes passionately about his work, and is often heard to say: "If I can help people connect with someone on the Other Side, and bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, then I feel as though I’ve done my job."
Books & Oracle Decks

Mediumship Training Deck : 50 Practical Tools for Developing Your Connection to the Other-Side

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The Mediumship Training Deck features 50 beautifully designed cards created by psychic mediums John Holland and Lauren Rainbow to assist you in the development and the unfoldment of your psychic-mediumship potential. When you understand the mechanics of how your specific mediumship works, you then become the master of it!



The Mediumship Training Deck

The Mediumship Training Deck contains 50 beautifully illustrated cards and a booklet.

You can select one card, or even a few, to work on every day. Track your progress throughout the week. You can use them in order, or choose a card randomly. Just trust that’s what you’re meant to be focusing and working on in that moment.

You’ll notice that some of the cards have “Partnership Cards” linked to them. These cards can be used to enhance and further develop the technique or the lesson described in the card that you pulled.

In some of the lessons, instructions are provided on how to use the energy centers of the body, how the physical body acts as a receiver for psychic and mediumistic information, and how color affects us individually, all of which contributes to the flow of spiritual energy to determine how we all receive information differently.

Using these cards as part of your spiritual training will provide you with a deeper understanding and a thorough grounding in your mediumship development, enabling your mediumship abilities to grow and strengthen, forging a stronger link between this world and the Spirit Realm.

Naturally, we encourage you to study and read even more on the subject and the practice of mediumship. If possible, try and study with a number of experienced teachers and mediums to gain confidence and a broad range of experience. When students come back time after time to study with either of us, we constantly advise that no one person can teach every aspect and every technique of mediumship. The more you experience, the more you’ll come into contact with a range of styles, techniques, and practices.

The commitment to cultivating your spiritual abilities is up to you! After practicing your mediumship or psychic development work, you’ll begin to appreciate just how your spiritual abilities work, which in turn will build your confidence. If you remain steadfast in your practice , you’ll not only become a strong, grounded, and healthier psychic or medium, but you’ll become a wiser one! Never lose the excitement of exploring and learning new things!


Animal Kingdom

Animals of all types are extraordinary creatures and miraculous gifts to us, as they’ve been our spiritual companions since the dawn of time. Whether they have feathers or fur, two legs or four, they also have souls, and people take comfort in knowing their beloved pets exist in the Spirit World.


Be of Service

When you are called to awaken the medium within, it’s also a calling to devote your life to a work of service. It’s truly an honor and a blessing to serve Spirit. If you hold an open and pure heart, the blessings from Spirit in return will be bountiful and endless.


Blending with Spirit

Blending with Spirit will enhance your communication, allowing for stronger evidential messages. Merging with the essence of Spirit can create a powerful connection for the sitter to feel as though their loved one has come alive, even for that moment.


The Breath

Awareness of the breath is the key to the continual movement of life and your connection with Spirit. Being mindful of your breath helps you to remain in the present, bringing clarity of thought, tolerance, and patience. It can benefit your overall well-being and help your mediumship development.


BRIDGING TWO REALMS : Learn To Communicate With Your Loved Ones On The Other-Side

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In Bridging Two Realms, John Holland provides inspiration and comfort for the bereaved by demonstrating how you can make contact with your passed loved ones. He reveals the mechanics and techniques used to extend your awareness beyond your physical senses to develop your potential skills as a medium and use them to connect with your loved ones on the Other-Side.

Media Kit


Losing a loved one is one of the most profoundly challenging times that we all have to face at some point in our lives. It’s a highly emotional time, one where unanswered questions can cause you to question your own beliefs about life after death.

It’s perfectly normal to ask questions, such as:

  • “Is there really a Spirit World?”
  • “Is my loved one at peace?”
  • “Can I get in touch with them or are they able to reach out to me somehow?

 Bridging Two Realms provides inspiration and comfort for the bereaved. John shows how you can make contact with yours passed loved ones. He also reveals the mechanics and techniques used to extend your awareness beyond your physical senses. He also explains how you can develop your potential abilities/ability of mediumship. You have He also twice

 In Bridging Two Realms, you’ll learn:

  • What happens when a loved one passes into the Spirit World
  • The signs and symbols your loved ones use to get your attention
  • How mental telepathy acts as a bridge between this world and the next
  • How meditation can be used to enhance your connection with Spirit
  • Exercises and techniques to develop your own mediumistic skills
  • How to use your specific psychic strengths to become a receptor for spirit messages

This is one of the most comprehensive books on mediumship to date. It’s written in a highly open and plausible manner, that makes it easy to follow and practical to use. It will not only help bring healing to the bereaved, but it will also help those who are seeking to awaken, develop, and enhance their own spiritual gifts.


Opening Your Psychic Awareness

In today’s society, most of mankind has forgotten what incredible, intuitive, sentient beings we are. Many of us have wandered too far into the realm of analytical thinking. We exist mainly in the physical world, which results in our focusing too much on everything that’s outside ourselves. I think it’s important, from time to time, to remember that there’s a whole inner world ready and waiting for you that can be accessed whenever you want.

The entire second half of this book was written for people who want to understand and develop their psychic and mediumship potential. Whether you’re curious about what it takes or have a desire to become a medium, I hope this section provides you with the guidance you’ve been seeking. Equally, if you’re looking to understand the workings of your own spiritual abilities, then this part of the book will be of great benefit. 

We all possess the spiritual ability to become more consciously aware of the inner workings of our soul, with all its capabilities and innate sensitivity. In other words, we have the natural capacity to utilize our intuitive psychic abilities in almost any area of our lives. One of my favorite statements to say during my presentations is: “We all came from God, and I don’t think a Divine Intelligence would let us come here without a little help. The gift of intuition is our connection to the Divine.” Although intuition is a gift that’s given to each and every soul, it’s important to remember that we’re responsible for developing it ourselves.

When my students start exploring their psychic potential, they often ask me, “What’s the difference between psychic ability and pure intuition?” There’s a fine line between the words psychic and intuition, and the two are often used interchangeably. The use of one can often lead to the other, as a natural progression. Psychic ability is simply the natural extension of our intuition.

Most of us know what intuition means. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ve got a hunch that . . .” or, “My instincts are telling me this . . .” or, “I have a strong gut feeling that ...”? These are all forms of intuition. It’s that hunch or that gentle nudge that so often comes out of the blue.

When we learn to recognize, notice, and act upon these feelings, we can establish a strong foundation for the development of our psychic abilities. Psychic ability is being able to take control of your intuition and make these special senses work for you. In fact, the word psychic is from the Greek psychikos, meaning “of the soul.” This signifies that as spiritual beings, we’re able to access, receive, and transmit information that reaches way beyond our physical body and our innate five senses.

Becoming aware of your psychic abilities is useful for more than becoming a medium or connecting to your loved ones. These abilities can greatly assist you in your personal and professional lives, as well as your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Opening the door to your natural psychic abilities is an exciting, enlightening, and life-changing experience. I’ve received thousands of letters and e-mails from past students who’ve told me that since they started working on their all-too-often-dormant abilities, they feel as if their soul or spirit is more consciously alive and awake. They say they’re no longer sleepwalking through life.

I always enjoy teaching my psychic-development class (which is one of my signature workshops) because many who attend feel like they have little or no psychic ability when they arrive. But, once they go through the training and start to receive information via their psychic senses, the transformation is obvious. You can see it written all over their faces. It’s almost as if they discovered something new, even though the ability has always been there, waiting to be accessed. Using your spiritual psychic abilities is quite natural. You can learn to recognize, practice, and trust those intuitive nudges more and more. By doing so, it becomes a wonderful resource for guidance, transformation, and self-empowerment that you can call upon for the rest of your life.

To live an intuitive or psychic life, you must first believe and know that you’re already equipped with all the tools you need. As a spiritual being, you possess unlimited abilities, so it would be wise to acknowledge the potential that’s waiting to be awakened, hence, my use of the term dormant abilities. The tools that help direct you to your inner guidance are your psychic senses — or as I also refer to them your “psychic strengths.” To summarize, I’m talking about your inner feelings: inner knowing (clairsentience); inner vision (clairvoyance); and last, inner hearing (clairaudience).

As you sharpen and hone these senses, you’ll learn how to work with the subtle energetic field (the aura), which surrounds everything and everyone. As you become more aware, you’ll learn how to use the energy centers (chakras) of the body. This is all part of the necessary foundation for your mediumship unfoldment because it’s through the psychic senses that you can pick up emanations that are given off or sent from the Spirit World.

Media Kit

To download the full digital media kit, with interview questions - click here

The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck

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The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck with its accompanying guidebook and 50 beautifully designed cards was created by John Holland to assist you in getting support, comfort and divine guidance from Spirit, your loved ones, family, ancestors, friends, guides and helpers in the Spirit World.



These extraordinary cards will bring insight and clarity around some of the major decision points in your life, or just to reaffirm that you're making the right decisions as well as helping the user to develop a higher awareness of Spirit and to remind you that you’re never truly alone. The Spirit World communicates through these cards with guidance and direction in matters of self-love, vulnerability, relationships, trust, and more. As you work with these cards, they will strengthen your natural ability of intuition and the beautiful loving bond that you and the Spirit World share.

Who is this Oracle Deck for?

This beautiful deck works for everyone, whether you’re a novice or someone who has frequently worked with oracle cards in the past. For example, you could begin by picking a card every day at random to help you remember that there is divine assistance for you and that you are never truly alone. If you’re facing a difficult situation or having to make a critical decision, then it might be a good time to let Spirit offer up a card, or you can ask a specific question of the cards. Spirit had considerable influence in the writing of these cards, and it’s hoped that they will offer assistance and support for every situation you encounter. Just remember, there’s a whole “spiritual team” that you can access anytime!

John Holland says: “Those in the Spirit World cannot interfere with the karmic lessons you’re meant to experience in this lifetime, as these are the specific lessons you must learn on your own for the evolution of your soul. But the Spirits can definitely assist you in various areas of your life through guidance, inspiration, divination, synchronicity, dreams, and the power of grace. As you become accustomed to using this oracle deck, just remember that the Spirits love you and want to help in any way they can! I believe that those in the Spirit World have a higher view of all things and a deeper appreciation of the situations that are occurring in your life. It’s for these reasons that I felt inspired and compelled to create this particular oracle deck.”



Now is the time to love, nurture, and heal yourself! Self-love is not simply a state of mind about feeling good — it’s a state of appreciation for yourself that grows and matures from actions you take to support your body, mind, and soul.

 Taking care and loving yourself is not a sign of being selfish, but one of necessity. This card is a timely reminder to acknowledge how much you’ve given to others, but in doing so, how you’ve also forgotten about your own needs and what’s truly good for you. When you focus on what you need as opposed to what you want, you’ll gain the strength and purpose to refrain from making the same mistakes. You’ll become more aware of past negative behavior and thinking patterns that have caused you hurt or distress. As a result, you’ll be able to stop and change them into positive affirmations both now and for the future.

 Learn to nurture yourself. Work with what keeps you healthy, such as good nutrition, exercise, meditation, and relaxation. Take time outdoors in nature, and choose wisely with whom you wish to surround yourself. When you learn to come from a place of self-love, you’ll be able to accept your weaknesses and acknowledge past mistakes. Forgive yourself, but know they were important lessons to bring you clarity and strength for the future. Be good to yourself — you deserve it!


Relationships are just mirror images of your own life — how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you react and respond to different situations and people around you. Be aware that every relationship is an opportunity for soul growth.

We bring you this card, for we feel that you may be questioning a certain relationship in your life. This card also signifies that it may be time to evaluate and appreciate the relationships you have now or those from the past — good or bad. Even a difficult relationship can be a surprising spiritual catalyst for you. All relationships, whether they’re on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level are part of the learning process and enlightenment of the soul.

No matter what category a relationship falls into, it acts as a teaching tool for the lessons your soul needs to learn. It can help you understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities. Ask yourself, if it was in the past, What did I learn from that relationship? Or if it’s a current relationship, ask yourself, What am I learning from this relationship? Different types of relationships have an uncanny way of identifying which aspects of your life need attention. At times, they reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities, or your need for attention, approval, and acceptance. Let this card be the catalyst to either heal a current relationship or attract more positive relationships for the future.

The Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Deck

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In Psychic Tarot for the Heart a 65 card deck with an accompanying guidebook, John shares his inspiration and spiritual guidance to deal with almost every aspect of your heart and the myriad of relationships in your life.



Relationships of all kinds are really about you! They often reflect back what we need to see. No matter what issues you’re facing in your life, this deck will help add clarity. It will answer questions and illustrate where you are, why you’re there, what you may have done wrong in the past, so you can learn valuable lessons from your past mistakes.

The cards speak intuitively in a way that will resonate with anyone and everyone! The cards in themselves will become a catalyst for your personal soul growth.

This deck is not just for lovers! It was created to help you understand, develop, and improve every type of relationship in your life, including the most important relationship … that with yourself. By using this deck and the techniques that psychic medium John Holland imparts, along with the wisdom of the tarot, you’ll begin to understand and look at relationships — past, present, and future — with an intuitive eye.


Sample content - "GIVING & RECEIVING"

When this card appears, relationships take on a loving and balanced energy. You’ve worked hard to understand yourself and others and now it’s paying off. You’re being rewarded with joy and fulfillment. Is there someone in your life who could benefit from what you’ve learned around matters of the heart?

Take some time to share your lessons with them. Be careful, though. Don’t try to solve their problems, just be a mentor. Also look for other ways that you can be of assistance to those around you. Just be sure to give only what you can and no more.

In the spirit of balance, also be open to receiving support and inspiration from other people. The Universe is waiting to help you. You’re blessed at this time and will receive additional favors if you ask for what you still need. Trust that you will receive it.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck was designed to encourage everyone’s innate psychic abilities to fully emerge and to create a powerful bridge between their psychic intuitive abilities with the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot.



We’re all born psychic. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck was designed to encourage everyone’s innate psychic abilities to fully emerge. The reader will find 65 beautifully illustrated cards that create a powerful bridge between their psychic intuitive abilities with the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot. This deck will help you to have intuitive insights and helpful guidance in all areas of life, whether it’s matters of love and relationships, personal issues, business decisions, or even career changes.

This fascinating deck works for everyone whether you’re a novice or someone who is already in-tune with their psychic ability! Throughout the deck, John imparts techniques that he’s practiced himself and taught in his workshop, such as: colors, symbology, shapes, words, card spreads, psychic interpretation, divination, numerology, the energy centers, and imagination. By using the cards, you’ll be able to incorporate all John’s techniques when you do a psychic tarot reading for yourself or on others.

After studying and using the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, you’ll not only have a better understanding of the language and wisdom of the tarot, but your psychic abilities will have been heightened and strengthened as you discover a whole new way to connect and interpret the cards.


New Beginnings

Every journey begins with a first step. When this card presents itself in your reading, it’s an opportunity for you to take a brave leap of faith – but be prepared as you do so. This card represents a great new adventure awaiting you, and usually presents itself when there is great inner change happening within oneself. When this card arises it is a sign that the important choices, which are needed and about to be made, should be thought out as you proceed with wisdom, thought and care.

Life is moving you forward. Often times it can be daunting when a new adventure or direction is set before you, and it calls for faith and courage as you take a risk and step into the unknown. During this time you may feel lost, some people are afraid of change and play it safe by staying where they are. Know that through inner guidance, wisdom, and the belief in yourself are the tools, which will carry you ahead on a positive life-changing path.

Don’t conform to what society or what others expect of you at this time – it’s your adventure. During this time be like an innocent child with new eyes; give yourself permission to live, play, love, and laugh.


This card is a reminder that you have all the tools inside of you to guide and direct you in your life. Whether its wisdom, intuition, psychic skill, creativity, self-motivation, love, will power, physical ability, or courage, these are all part of you - and have tremendous power when tapped into and used. You have the ability to allow the Universe to work with you in a partnership, to bring about and manifest a positive outcome or desire at this time.

This card represents your ability to create your own reality – to set ideas into motion and watch them grow and manifest. This card is usually drawn when you are ready to take on a new direction, project, or career. Now is the time to use the awareness of positive thoughts, visualizations, and affirmations, and veer away from negativity.

Knowledge is power and can lead to success. By having faith, and keeping your will-power strong and directed, and by tapping into the tools that you have, and by calling on the magic from the Universe - you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

THE SPIRIT WHISPERER Chronicles of a Medium

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In The Spirit Whisperer, John picks up the fascinating story of his personal journey of growth and development as one of the most respected practicing mediums today. This work chronicles his past ten years of experience and includes some enlightening and heartfelt real-life case studies.



There’s a special language that transcends time and space—a language that’s not constrained by the limitations of just words, but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy, and thought. A language that can only be heard when one truly listens. It’s the language of The Spirit Whisperer.

In John Holland’s past books, he explained how he came to terms with, and learned to accept and embrace, his spiritual gifts as a psychic medium, and how "readers" can develop their own intuitive psychic abilities.

He candidly discusses readings with clients, including those who’ve had their own After Death Communications (ADCs)—from the outrageous to the profound. John also explains the signs and symbols that our loved ones continually try to send us. One of his most popular sayings is: "Those on the Other Side want to talk to you—as much as you want to talk to them!"

John divulges for the first time some of the extraordinary paranormal occurrences he’s witnessed throughout his career, and provides a rare glimpse behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a "Psychic Time Machine" for several television shows, as well as growing up as a psychic child. He’ll also help parents who have a psychic child themselves.

The Spirit Whisperer is a book you’ll want to read over and over, as many of the stories will touch your heart as well as your soul.


"This is a story that I’ll always remember. It’s just one of those amazing messages—one of those that few mediums ever forget. I’ve been giving public demonstrations for many years, and over time, the audiences have grown, yet it really doesn’t matter whether there are ten or ten thousand."

Click here »


Click here to download The Spirit Whisperer Q & A with John Holland.

POWER OF THE SOUL Inside Wisdom for an Outside World

download High Resolution (4.5 MB JPG) download low Resolution (72.8 KB JPG)

Power of the Soul provides some of the essential tools to help you to tap in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe—your soul! Step by step, it will guide you to follow your true soul’s path and help you reconnect with your natural spiritual abilities.



You’ll develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that help mold your life, and the individual soul force that’s in each and every one of you. Power of the Soul will help dismantle some of the barriers created by your outer-self, to unveil your true inner-self and enable you to break free from some of the psychological restrictions that have prevented you from identifying and realizing your full potential. The material within these pages will help you overcome those feelings of being trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled and show you how to lead a soul-enriched and authentic life that aligns with your aspirations.

Throughout the book, psychic medium John Holland leads you through a number of practical techniques and goal-setting exercises that he’s taught in his signature workshops, which will empower you to awaken the power of your spirit and your soul . . . and lead a life of unlimited potential.

Within these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover and access your spiritual faculties
  • Open yourself to a guiding higher-consciousness
  • Remove psychological and spiritual blocks
  • Find your true self, as you understand the nature and function of the soul
  • Create and control your own path
  • Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others
  • Enhance your body, mind, and soul to live a life of harmony

This transformational book is more than just a guide . . . it’s a way back to living from the inside out. It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) follow your own spiritual journey. John says, “Once your spiritual gifts are recognized, opened, and used, you’ll see yourself and the world in a way you never thought possible!”


"I couldn’t write a chapter on the energy of love without touching on relationships and how they relate on a soul level. Relationships are mirror images of your own life, how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you react and respond to different situations and people that are around you. All relationships whether they’re on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level are all part of the learning process and enlightenment of the soul."

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Click here to download Power of the Soul Q & A with John Holland


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Intuition is the language of the soul and we’re all born with the natural ability of an inner-knowing. As we go through life we have an inborn tendency to pull away from what was once, totally natural to us.



In 101 Ways to Jump Start Your Intuition, Psychic Medium John Holland guides you through 101 quick and easy lessons to help you understand, develop, and work with that inner sense of intuition. As adults, we all know how hard it can be to pay attention to that gut feeling (and I don’t mean wishful thinking), when our logical mind has a totally rational answer for almost everything. This book will teach you how to accept and to go with your first impression.

101 Ways to Jump Start Your Intuition will become your companion as you rely more on intuition into your life for direction, insight, clarity, and wisdom on a daily basis.

Learn how intuition can help you to:

  •  Improve your relationships
  • Enhance your creative ability 
  • Help make the most of your career
  • Receive intuitive guidance on important decisions and so much more

Each of the mini-lessons comes with its’ own affirmation or inspirational statement, to compliment and strengthen each of the 101 lessons. This book reinforces that intuition is a reminder of the power of the human spirit, but more importantly that when we listen to its’ advice, it can lead us to a life of unlimited potential.


"I trust my intuition and myself.

We’re all equipped with a complex and highly tuned inner-guidance system, which we can access and use anytime we wish. Receiving intuitive information is all about energy, and people, places, and objects are all comprised of it. Since you too are energy, you can receive and read information via your intuitive senses..."

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PSYCHIC NAVIGATOR Harnessing Your Inner Guidance

download High Resolution (6.9 MB PNG) download low Resolution (1.6 MB PNG)

Did you know that you already possess ALL the tools to unlock your hidden potential and help you to lead an intuitive psychic life? Use Psychic Navigator and start your journey.



For years, John Holland has been teaching people how to awaken, access, and develop those dormant intuitive senses . . . and bring them to the surface, to assist in making better decisions as we navigate our way through our busy lives.

Psychic Navigator has been written specifically for those who are looking to reconnect with their psychic abilities, which we were all born with. Let John become your personal psychic navigator and help you to harness your inner guidance, and create new paths to find your way back. He will explain the mechanics of your inner awareness, which can be activated and heightened using meditation and breath work. This book will also provide a deeper understanding of your chakras & aura.

John incorporates much of his teachings into this highly inspirational book. It’s packed with easy-to-follow practical exercises (including a guided meditation CD) that will amplify and empower your inner guidance. As you utilize your renewed psychic senses, they will assist you with your personal relationships, your health, important business decisions, and every aspect of your life!


"Living a psychic life is an ongoing process of perpetual development, one of learning to trust and listen to your inner guidance. You must accept that life is your ultimate teacher and try to live to the very best of your abilities—after all, what you do with what you have is what truly matters."

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Click here to download the Psychic Navigator Q & A with John Holland.

BORN KNOWING A Medium's Journey

download High Resolution (2.2 MB JPG) download low Resolution (35 KB JPG)

Given the phenomenal change in attitudes about life after death, public interest in the Other-Side is ever increasing. Born Knowing will show you that even after the loss of a loved one, you're never truly alone.



Born Knowing is John Holland’s first book. In an open and candid way, he explains how he dealt with his conflict of coming to terms, and finally accepting, his rare ability as a spirit messenger who helps people connect with those who have passed on.

Born in the tough suburbs of Boston, John coped with a difficult childhood, where he was ridiculed by his family and society, leaving him feeling isolated because of his psychic abilities. He refused to acknowledge his gift until a near-fatal automobile accident amplified his abilities to the point where he had to learn how to control what was once pushed away.


Drawn by the history and knowledge of spiritualism in England, John takes you on a two-year journey through Britain. He tells the story of his training by some of the top mediums in the British spiritualist organizations, which he humorously refers to as "Spirit Boot Camp," and how he gained acceptance and respect within this tightly knit, often-conservative spiritual community.

Born Knowing takes out the "psychic babble" by validating and dispelling some of the mystery and myths regarding mediumship. Throughout the book, John presents real-life case studies, where he discusses his readings with clients, the effect on their lives, and the sense of closure people feel, knowing that their loved ones who have passed on are still with them.

The book will also help you discover your own psychic and intuitive abilities, recognize signals from the Other-Side, and make spiritual connections for yourself.


"Angels don’t just sing. They also dance. In my head, I could hear someone gliding across a polished wooden floor. But I was confused – this wasn’t the familiar rhythm of a waltz. It sounded more like clackity clack, clackity clack, clackity clack. Heaven was tap dancing."

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Click here to download the Born Knowing Q & A with John Holland


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