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with John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a moment and ask a question you’d love to get some guidance on. When you’re ready, click on the card you feel most drawn to for your personal Psychic Tarot Oracle Reading.

Recognition & Reward

A reward for a job well done is what this 3 card represents. A time of recognition for a completed project, hard work, skill, expertise, and craftsmanship. These abilities are now being honored. Dont forget to personally honor yourself and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it! This card also comes forth to represent a family, or a group of people coming together, all of whom are all aiming and striving towards a common goal. Accept the help that is being offered. More opportunities are in the works, so be sure to lay a solid foundation from your past achievements as this will help you to be ready for the next opportunity. This card is also a reminder to take care of your physical body. After all, its what carries your soul around in this material world.

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