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Powerful achievements are usually born as a result of great sacrifice. This card represents self-sacrifice and a time when you should look around your life to see what needs to be released. By surrendering and letting go there will be more room to receive. The rewards for self-sacrifice are: transformation, wisdom, gratitude, and enlightenment. This card signifies that theres a situation happening or about to happen in your life that you cant control the outcome. This would be a good time to pause, rest, have patience, reflect, and to meditate. It would be wise to stand back so you can learn to look at situations with a more understanding intuitive eye. Try to view people, issues, or problems from a new or different perspective. If you can achieve this, it can have a profound affect on your soul as well as your life. The Sacrifice Card can also symbolize a time of transition and change. The answers you seek may be slow in coming, for it may be necessary to live into the answers. Accept the things that you cannot control, heal and leave the past behind, move towards your future, and watch for new doors opening as well as the paths that are being shown to you. Traditional tarot archetype: The Hanged Man

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