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This card signifies the need for patience, self-control, adjustment, moderation, and balance when dealing with others, as well as yourself. This could be in the areas of how you think, work, school, recreation, the people that are in your life, or the spiritual path thats set before you. As a soul, you have more than one aspect of yourself to draw on for support. Its all about integration. Learning to blend and balance both the physical and the spiritual. Youre a spiritual being in a physical body enjoying human experiences. Therefore, since youre both, you should honor all of you. If you go through life denying yourself the experience of combining the physical and spiritual, youre missing out on so much of what life has to offer. Why live a life thats half lived? The Patience Card reminds you to open your heart and mind, to allow yourself to listen to other peoples ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. Blissful harmony can be achieved when everyone learns to work as one. Everyone benefits. Listening, sharing and reaching out to others, will help you renew your faith in yourself and mankind. Youll become more aware of the miracles around you as well as the ones you have a hand in creating. Traditional tarot archetype: Temperance

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