Your Daily Psychic Tarot Reading

with John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a moment and ask a question you’d love to get some guidance on. When you’re ready, click on the card you feel most drawn to for your personal Psychic Tarot Oracle Reading.


When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This card illustrates that theres a spiritual teacher whos about to influence you or step into your life to impart their wisdom. Look around to see if theres someone in your life who has the wisdom, education, knowledge, and ability to integrate spirituality and its laws into the constraints of the physical world? This could be a compassionate person who offers guidance, inspiration, and reminds you that you are so much more than a physical being - you are also a spiritual being with unlimited potential. You also may have also drawn this card to confirm that its time to reach out and find an organization or group of like-minded kindred souls. Groups of people where you can be yourself, share your thoughts, and get valuable feedback can infuse you and encourage you to be all that you can be. Kindred support helps us to live our lives to our highest ideals, and help us find the true inspiration and enlightenment that is part of our souls. Over time, the student often becomes the teacher, so dont be surprised when others seek out and find you. This card of wisdom is letting you know that you have so much to share - whether you realize it or not. Traditional tarot archetype: The Hierophant

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