Your Daily Psychic Tarot Reading

with John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a moment and ask a question you’d love to get some guidance on. When you’re ready, click on the card you feel most drawn to for your personal Psychic Tarot Oracle Reading.


The qualities of this card illustrate spiritual awakening, clarity, the revelation of truth, and cosmic consciousness. At times, it takes a wake-up call to get our attention and show us how far we need to go. This card comes forth to do just that. Evaluation of the past, along with the lessons that youve learned or still need to learn must now be a top priority. Doing so, will enable you to forgive, accept, and heal so you can move forward in a balanced spiritual mindset. The Truth Card reminds you that a very significant change must be made in a certain area of your life. But dont make any hasty decisions, take your time for any decision or change must be weighed up and be taken with the most careful and wisest of judgments. Whatever steps you take now will have far-reaching consequences - more than youll ever know. By using the powers of the Universe and blending them with a little help from the physical world, they will assist you to bring about clarity and a change of awareness. What was once not obvious will now be realized and understood. Be honest with yourself and trust what you know to be true. Traditional tarot archetype: Judgment

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