Your Daily Psychic Tarot Reading

with John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a moment and ask a question you’d love to get some guidance on. When you’re ready, click on the card you feel most drawn to for your personal Psychic Tarot Oracle Reading.

Material & Spiritual Prosperity

The 6 Physical Card represents a peaceful, tranquil time, when problems seem to literally disappear. A sudden bonus, a pay rise, or even a promotion could be in the offering. It could be expected or come out of the blue. This card could also represent a group of people whove worked and strived towards the success of a common goal. A time of prosperity, balance, and harmony in your psychical and spiritual life is showing you that by practicing giving and receiving will bring you true riches. Look into your life and see where you can spread spiritual and physical wealth. Is there a person or a favorite charity that would welcome an act of kindness right now? Practice generosity, gratitude, and kindness so that you continue to prosper in all areas of your life.

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