MAY 4th | 7:00-9:00pm [Doors open 6:00pm] | AMESBURY, MA


  • Have you ever witnessed how a psychic medium bridges the two worlds to connect with Spirit?
  • Do you yearn to hear from a family member or close friend who has passed?
  • Do you want to know if they have the ability to influence your physical lives or why they draw close at certain times?
  • Would you recognize the signs that your loved ones are sending you, and if so, would you know how to interpret them for yourself?

Join Psychic Mediums John Holland and Janet Nohavec for "A Special Evening of Mediumship." This event is open to the public, and kicks off a separate Advanced Mediumship Master Class weekend, which is being held at a beautiful oceanfront resort in York Harbor, Maine with John and Janet.

This will be an amazing event as both John and Janet will devote the majority of the evening to delivering messages from your loved ones to some audience members. 

Unfortunately, once a ticket is purchased there are NO REFUNDS. 
Please note: Purchasing a ticket to this event does not guarantee a reading and is not recomended for anyone under the age of 16.

John Holland is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage today! He is the author of the best sellers: Power of the Soul, Psychic Navigator, Born Knowing, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, The Spirit Whisperer – Chronicles of a Medium, The Psychic Tarot For The Heart and his latest deck The Spirit Messages – The Daily Guidance Oracle Deck.

He will share his 20-plus years of experience with this intimate group of students. It's going to be an extraordinary weekend training event designed to help you discover and explore your mediumship abilities as you learn how to connect with Spirit.

Rev. Janet Nohavec is internationally known for her evidential mediumship.

She is an approved overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

A former Roman Catholic nun, she has been featured extensively on television, radio and printed press. Her client base extends to over 20 countries and her private reading waitlist runs over a year.

Her evidential form of mediumship has been researched by several university groups. Her private practice and church are based in Pompton Lakes, NJ.