• Do you know when your Chakras are perfectly balanced?
  • Would you like some practical ways to understand and work with your Chakra system?
  • Did you know that prana (life-giving energy) as well as intuitive psychic vibrations are received through the Chakra system?
  • Do you want to understand how your Chakras affect your mind, body, and spirit ... and vice-versa?

This special 2-hour pre-recorded webinar with John Holland is a practical learning and healing experience.

Many of us are often unaware of energetic imbalances and energy blocks that can cause disruption to the flow of energy between the chakras. This can affect our health and energy levels. This webinar will provide some easy tools and practical exercises to remove the blocks and allow that energy to once again flow freely.


For years, Spiritual Teacher John Holland has been teaching people about the chakras and the role they play in our energetic and physical well-being. Also how these energy centers support and reflect our intuitive awareness.

John will explain how to monitor the balance of your body, mind, and spirit through the awareness of your chakras and how to enhance your psychic abilities or mediumship using the chakra system method. Chakras act as sensitive contact points, like a bridge, where the physical world and spiritual world meet. 

Throughout the webinar, you'll be given practical tips to maintain the balance of your chakras on a daily basis.

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This 2-hour pre-recorded webinar includes:

  • An introductory summary of the chakras and the role they play in your physical & spiritual body.
  • Understanding how your psychic intuitive abilities are intricately linked with the chakras.
  • John’s special chakra workouts that explain how sound, color, vibration, breath, and thought can play an important role in balancing and stimulating the chakras.


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