This special 2-hour pre-recorded webinar with John Holland will be a practical, educational, and healing experience that he's been teaching for over 20 years. It’s a fact, that we all sense auras of both people and places, but few of us ever realize that it’s happening.

As we’re constantly bombarded by external influences, the aura can be affected by the state of your mind & body, as well as your emotions, people around you, and your immediate environment. Learning to have a strong, well-balanced and cleansed aura is essential, both on a physical and spiritual level. It’s important to learn and understand everything about this unique energy source and consciously strive to achieve a powerful auric field.


For years, Medium and Spiritual Teacher John Holland has been teaching people about the aura and the amazing role it plays in your physical and spiritual body.

John will explain how to sense, see, and read the aura, its aura colors and their interpretation. He will also show you how you're able to open and expand your own aura, and use it to psychically scan people and places at will.

Through the webinar, you’ll be given practical and easy tips to experience, balance and strengthen your aura on a daily basis.


This 2-hour pre-recorded webinar includes:

  • An introductory summary of the Aura : The Human Psychic Atmosphere, the colors, their meanings and the role it plays in your physical and spiritual body.
  • Understanding how your psychic intuitive abilities & mediumstic abilities are intricately linked to your aura and how to enhance your spiritual abilities.
  • Every aura is uniquely different and vibrates to its own frequency.  John will recommend special tips and exercises that you can do to help enhance and strengthen your individual aura.


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Watch John demonstrate for some of the attendees who took part in the original live webinar, where he answered questions - but also dedicated most of the bonus time to offering psychic and mediumship readings. It's a heart-felt and moving session, and we hope you will enjoying watching.

“Some people are attracted to light – while others emanate it”
John Holland