Join John Holland for this in person enlightening and healing evening of messages from Spirit, as he creates the link with your loved ones, and explains the different signs and symbols they use to get his attention.

Have you ever seen a psychic medium work live and connect with Spirit?

Do you yearn to hear from a family member or close friend who has passed?

John says: "Your loved ones on the Other-Side want to talk to you – as much as you want to talk to them!"

These Gatherings are a time to gain comfort from the knowledge that there is a Spirit World and that your loved ones are still very much a part of your life. Don't miss this opportunity to join John Holland for an incredibly powerful evening featuring messages from the Other-Side!


John will dedicate a large part of the evening to delivering messages from the Other-Side to as many people as time permits, but please remember that attendance does not guarantee a reading.

Notes to attend:

  • Gathering will be limited to 50 spaces only.

  • There is a 4-ticket purchase limit please.

  • Doors open at 6.40pm - please ensure you arrive promptly.

  • Until conditions change with the CDC or the State of MA, masks are optional. If you‘re feeling sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, please stay home. Policy is subject to change at any time.

  • Not recommended for children under 16.

Any inquiries to Laura :