JUNE 24th, 2017  Westford, MA

Come and join us for the first time as these four inspirational speakers present this enlightening day of exploration into the Afterlife and how Spirit and Angels play a major part in the healing process, and help us to understand the beautiful tapestry of our own loving existence.

This all-day workshop will be packed with insights, new ways of thinking, and practical tips to:

  • Communicate and connect with your guardian angels to receive divine guidance in all aspects of your life.  
  • Identify your guides and how they can assist in communicating with your departed loved ones.
  • Use energy healing to create deep transformations by balancing the energetic and physical levels.
  • How to become more aware of the Spirit World and identify when the spirit of your loved ones are reaching out.
  • Recognizing the signs, symbols, and methods that spirit use to make their presence known.

The day will include healing meditations, energy work, and demonstrations of mediumship with readings for some of the audience.

Combining the wealth of experience and knowledge of these speakers, you’ll walk away with a deep spiritual sense of comfort in the knowledge that you're watched over, guided, and loved by powerful spiritual beings that want to help you in every part of your life.

Karen Paolino will open the day with a fascinating insight into the realm of your Angels. She’ll guide you through a powerful exercise of surrender to invite grace, healing, and miracles to unfold. She’ll provide evidence that your Angels are always with you, and that you’re so loved and supported by the Divine.

Lauren Rainbow will offer some techniques in her lecture and demonstration to unlock the potential of The Universal Energies. She will explain her methodologies for manifesting the gifts to add grace, purpose, clarity, and love back into your life.

The second part of her lecture will be a demonstration where she links with Spirit for messages and guidance.

There will be a complimentary buffet lunch served during the break

John Holland will reinforce what Karen and Lauren have revealed, with evidential stories of Spirit Guides, Angels, and how they play an important part in helping him work as a medium. He will explain the intricate changes his body, mind, and soul undergoes when connecting with Spirit. He will provide tips and guidance for how to recognize signs and symbols that your loved ones in Spirit use to get your attention, and how to know when Spirit draws close. The major part of his lecture will be devoted to a demonstration of mediumship with messages for some of the audience.

Prajna Avalon’s concluding lecture for the day, will be a beautiful group healing for everyone to experience. She will offer tips on how to maintain the level of healing that was initiated throughout the day. She will also talk about the different dimensions of healing work, which connect us all, both here on this plane and in Spirit. The group healing will leave everyone with a deep sense of peace and clarity, as a beautiful way to journey back into your regular lives.

All four speakers will come together for a final Q&A.

SCHEDULE for the day

9:30am                   Introduction
9:45am                   Karen Paolino
11:30am                 Lauren Rainbow
1:00pm                   LUNCH
2:15pm                   John Holland
4:00pm                   Prajna Avalon
5:00pm                   Q&A Session

Accommodation and Directions

The workshop is being held at the Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center.

219 Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886  |  T : (1) 978-692-8200  
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On the Saturday of the workshop, we will be serving coffee and a buffet lunch (inclusive as part of the workshop fee).


$199.00 which includes the full day workshop, morning coffee and buffet lunch. No refunds are given once purchase is made.

To register and secure a place for this exciting workshop, just click on the register button. Please note that physical tickets are not issued. You will receive an email confirmation of your order, and your name will be at the workshop registration desk. If you have any questions, then please email info@johnholland.com