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How Animals Help Us Speak the Truth • Soul Inspirations 404 • December 4, 2023

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "How Animals Help Us Speak the Truth" 

I just watched an Instagram video that really moved me. It showed a little girl in a stroller who sees a horse for the very first time. Her entire face lights up as she glances into the horse’s eyes and reaches up to pet this magnificent creature. You can just tell as you see this child’s beaming smile and the horse moving in for a closer look—that they have made an intuitive connection.

Animals are very intuitive, especially horses. They have a way of knowing if we’re sad, happy, stressed, frustrated or even sick. They’ll intuitively read our energy and act accordingly.

Our connection with animals is quite different from the relationships we have with people. Animals aren’t conditioned to be self-conscious or scared. They don’t hold back their feelings, hide behind false personas or tell white lies to make us like them. They are pure unconditional loving souls who live their truth—and expect nothing less from us!

Seeing this video reminded me of an author I met years ago at Hay House—Wyatt Webb.

Wyatt is like a character you’d see in an old Western movie or TV show. He’s as tall as a tower, wears a wide-brimmed cowboy hat and smiles your way through a thick white beard.

I’ll never forget listening to Wyatt talk about the most valuable lessons we can learn from a horse—how to overcome self-doubt and be true to ourselves. Wyatt says there’s no fooling a horse—or any animal for that matter. “The horse is a mirror to our energy system.” He believes that horses as well as our pets can see right through us and know exactly who we are. We just need to follow their lead, be exactly who we are meant to be and speak our truth. 


Are you having trouble being honest with yourself or in a relationship? Are you hiding behind a past hurt? Do you find it difficult to speak truthfully about your feelings?

This week, if you have pets, let them be a sounding board for a current concern you may be having. Be honest about anything that’s troubling you. Speak freely and let your truth be heard. This is a great way to let go of your pain and practice being more open with yourself and others. If you don’t have a pet, take time to visit your local animal shelter. Or maybe take a walk at a park or the beach and share your innermost conversations with a bird, a squirrel or another animal that crosses your path.

I’ll admit, I’ve had many deep conversations with my dog Koda. I know he can’t answer me in words, but I do find that his knowing expressions, his unconditional love, and even that sly smirk of his always comfort me!

There are many furry friends out there you can connect with. Move past your pain, open your heart and let the healing energy of an animal soothe your soul.


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Live a Soul-filled life!




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