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Connecting with Van Gogh’s Soul • Soul Inspirations 401 • July 17, 2023

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "Connecting with Van Gogh’s Soul" 

The world of art in all its forms and particularly its use of colors has always fascinated me. Often as a child, I’d retreat into my own private world, curl up by the window with a box of crayons or anything else I could find that would help me express what I was seeing or feeling.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I recently saw the amazing new Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience here in Boston. It was just breathtaking to learn about this brilliant artist and see his iconic paintings come to life. It was as if I were stepping into Van Gogh’s paintings and connecting with his soul. 

I passionately believe that art is a true expression of the soul. I remember when I first started to paint, my Mom would find me hiding under the bedcovers drawing by the light of a small bedside lamp. Sometimes, it was as if time would stand still, and I’d find myself drawing into the wee hours of the morning.  

Even today, when I get a few minutes to myself, I love to while away a few hours visiting museums or strolling around art galleries. It’s sort of my time to inspire my soul with this “creative fix.” That’s why I was so mesmerized by this new Van Gogh exhibit.

When I’m in the presence of magnificent artwork, whether it’s Van Gogh or local artists, I can take in all the colors, the brush strokes, and absorb the feelings and emotions that the sculptures, pictures, and paintings evoke. For me, art helps recharge my soul.


This week, think about the creative outlets that wake up your soul. Maybe it’s drawing, painting, photography, writing, decorating, building something, or even cooking up a new recipe. Make time to dust off one of your favorite artistic talents or activities and get back to creating something with your own two hands.

I’m going to join you for this challenge since I’ve often regretted not making time to get out my pastels, charcoals, sculpting tools, or even my camera to create something from my soul again.

Forget about the excuse that you don’t have the time. Make time! I remember a friend of mine who lived an equally busy life was very passionate about playing the piano. He had so little free time, that the only way for him to enjoy his music was to schedule time like a business meeting. He literally blocked out time on his calendar so he could play. 

Use whatever method you need to clear a space in your busy schedule for some creative time just for you. Make a date with yourself to get creative and feed your soul. You’re worth it!

Please share your experience with me on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Live a Soul-filled life!




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