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The Rainbow Bridge: Animals & the Afterlife • Soul Inspirations 395 • February 13, 2023

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "The Rainbow Bridge: Animals & the Afterlife." 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to say “goodbye for now” to one of our beloved pets. It’s a heartbreaking experience we would much rather avoid at all costs. Yet we can still find comfort in knowing that these furry friends will always be with us.

As a medium, I can affirm that animals do have souls and they do cross over to the Other-Side. I may not be able to communicate with them in the same way an animal whisperer does, but they do come through usually with another loved one. This just confirms that an animal on the Other-Side is not alone. There’s always someone there for them, to care for them, until it’s your time to do the job once again.

During my readings, I get the actual breed of the dog, as well as the coloring, and most of the time, I know whether it was a small or large animal. The same goes for cats, but it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also had birds, rabbits, chinchillas, mice, hamsters, and even horses come through.

One of the wildest moments I remember was giving a message to a woman at an event, and seeing a white python wrapped around her neck. She gasped in shock when I described the snake. It turned out that she’d owned a white python and would drape it around the back of her neck and shoulders. I remember that night vividly!

During another event, a married couple came up to my book-signing table. The wife looked into my eyes with such sadness. As I was autographing their book, I became aware of the spirit of a large sandy-colored dog sitting right in front of them. In that fleeting moment, I couldn’t tell the breed, but I just knew it was enormous!

As the couple was turning to leave, I said, “Your dog is here with you, and what a BIG dog!” The woman turned to her husband and just sobbed into his chest. As he wrapped his arm around her, the husband said, “We didn’t come here for a connection with a person, but in fact were hoping to get a validation from our 85-pound golden retriever!” In the last few moments of the evening, their beloved dog had come through in his own way.


If you’ve suffered the recent loss of a pet, I hope you’ll find some comfort in this week’s message. Know that your beloved furry friend is not alone and probably hanging out with your loved ones on the Other Side. And don’t be surprised if you sometimes still feel their presence, either brushing against you or maybe even catching a glimpse of them in the corner of your eye, or even feel as if they are lying on your bed…maybe they are.

Your pets do reach out to you from the Rainbow Bridge so you’ll know that they are well and anxiously awaiting the day when you’ll be together once again. 

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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