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A Blessed New Year to You! • Soul Inspirations 392 • January 2, 2023

Hello Everyone & A Happy Blessed New Year!

I’ve been writing these Soul Inspirations for many years, and I know, maybe even you, have been there from the start and look forward to them every week… I will always try to write something that will inspire, uplift, transform, and … yes that will even make you laugh!

I have a tradition for the past few years that I want to share with you. Every year a month before the Christmas Holiday I will order a case of one of my favorite things: Louise Hay’s I CAN DO IT calendars. I give them away to friends, family, colleagues, or even people I don’t know - but feel inspired to give them one unexpectedly. This 2023 year’s calendar has two opening pages and want to start off this newsletter with some of it.

It reads: “Let us welcome the change a new year brings and allow our boundaries to expand! Take a deep beath, and express gratitude for the lessons and experiences you received over the last 12 months. Then slowly exhale, releasing the old energy and rerstrictions of the previous year. Ahhh... Do you feel lighter already?

With your next inhale, consider what energy you want to bring into your body and your life now.

As the year begins, I set my foot on a new pathway and move away from all that been holding me back. Negative thoughts and experiences are fading from my reality. In their place, I fill my mind with thoughts that make me feel good about myself as well as others. I welcome all the glorious gifts Life has in store for me!”

Perfect right?! Thank You Louise!

I know it’s been quite a few challenging years personally and professionally for so many, and this is also felt around the world. There will also be many people who will focus on the negative – but I want to assure that: These times, what some people consider bleak or dark times - there is even more light than ever!

Be hopeful. We are all amazing souls and capable of so much! When I received the calendars and read the Introduction, I know that it will shift people, myself included, and the new affirmations that are on each calendar can also assist us to let go of our present way of life and create a totally new one, just by the way we think and feel. Thoughts are energy and powerful!

The change begins with each individual, and I truly feel more so now than ever, more and more people are being transformed, we are all I believe ‘waking up’ spiritually. This mass consciousness is increasingly affected. And the results will be manifested in the world around us. I hope what is written in the I Can Do It calendar and what I wrote helps– even just a little.


Every day is a new beginning and I want to inspire you to look forward to each one!

I saw a meme recently, not sure who the author is, but it gave a wonderful way to start the day:

Five Things to Do Before You Get Out of Bed

  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Set your Intentions for the day
  3. Take five long deep breaths in & out
  4. Smile for no reason
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistake

I appreciate you all and I am so grateful to you for receiving my Soul Inspirations newsletter! Some of you have been receiving them for years, some for months, or… maybe this one is your first one of many!

Wishing you a Blessed, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Soul-filled New Year!

Live a Soul-filled life!




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