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Live Life to the Soul-Fullest! • Soul Inspirations 391 • December 19, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "Live Life to the Soul-Fullest! "

The number 60 has been very significant for me this year. I’ve seen this number show up on multiple occasions, and it’s also my personal milestone year. When identical numbers keep appearing, it usually means that Spirit and your soul wants your attention.

Whenever I notice consistent numbers or signs, it reminds me that my soul is always there—keeping me on track and helping me to maintain balance in my life. That’s why I love teaching about the power of the soul. I want everyone to know that no matter what circumstances you face, your soul always has your back!


Here are 60 tips to help you live life to the soul-fullest! Go over this list and circle 7 of the numbers you resonate with most. This week, I want you to practice the tips you circled—at least one each day.

  1. Trust your intuition and yourself.
  2. Use your imagination.
  3. Listen to your body.
  4. Create a sacred space for quiet time.
  5. Celebrate your own individual strengths.
  6. Listen to your gut feelings.
  7. See more of what is really in front of you.
  8. Listen to your inner voice.
  9. Find the stillness within you.
  10. Take time to just breathe.
  11. Notice the vibrations that surround you.
  12. Honor your body.
  13. Know that everything is possible.
  14. Fill your heart with compassion.
  15. Speak up!
  16. See what you’re feeling.
  17. Cleanse your soul with positive thoughts.
  18. Look for intuitive messages in your dreams.
  19. Send blessings to the world and everyone in it.
  20. Imagine yourself as a being of love and light.
  21. Carry an attitude of gratitude.
  22. Celebrate your Divine connection.
  23. Visualize all you desire and release it to the Universe.
  24. Expand your mind with knowledge.
  25. Ask for guidance when you need it.
  26. Trust and share your true feelings.
  27. Celebrate your connection with every living thing.
  28. Take time to relax.
  29. Always know you are a part of all that is.
  30. Notice all synchronicities and coincidences.
  31. Know when to let go.
  32. Know when to go with the flow.
  33. Trust your ability to write your own future.
  34. Live your passion.
  35. Live in the present moment.
  36. Release all fears.
  37. Have fun!
  38. Share your life with a loving pet.
  39. Listen with your intuition, instead of just your ears.
  40. Send out loving calmness to all those around you.
  41. Sharpen your awareness.
  42. Be patient with yourself.
  43. Find your center.
  44. Slow down.
  45. Give your intuition free reign.
  46. Get up early and watch the sunrise.
  47. Be creative.
  48. Get plenty of sleep.
  49. Get silent for a few minutes every day.
  50. Share what you’ve learned with others.
  51. Notice numbers that show up in your life.
  52. Chant OM and enjoy the vibration.
  53. See it—believe it—become it.
  54. Put on your favorite song and dance!
  55. Trust your first impressions.
  56. Let go of the past.
  57. Check in with yourself daily.
  58. Do one kind act for someone today … and every day.
  59. Embrace the beautiful energy of nature.
  60. Believe in yourself … always!

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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