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3 Self-Care Tips to Feed Your Soul • Soul Inspirations 388 • November 7, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "3 Self-Care Tips to Feed Your Soul"

Looking for a smoother ride on your journey toward living a soulful life? Then you may want to memorize this equation: Self-Care=Soul Care. When you take care of yourself, you take care of your soul!

I wasn’t always this calm and easy-going ;) I’ve had my share of stressful days, and sometimes I still do. But now I know how to handle them, thanks to one of my favorite people in the world—Cheryl Richardson.

I’ve known Cheryl since I published my first book with Hay House. We used to travel together to all the I Can Do It Conferences. I miss those days and the fun we had. Of course, you know Cheryl as a bestselling author and the go-to authority on self-care.

Being around Cheryl, I’ve learned so much about taking care of myself and my precious soul. In a way, Soul Care and Self-Care are really longtime friends like us who do best when they stick together.

As Cheryl explains: “The soul is the essence of who we are. It’s our higher consciousness, our inner world that connects us to each other. The self, on the other hand, is the personality—sometimes called the ego—that gets crafted in reaction and response to the outside world."

“Over time, we forget that we’re souls and think we’re the self. Self-care is about doing those things that help us stay connected to our soul.”

It baffles me how we can give and give and give, yet find it so hard to take care of ourselves? Cheryl offers such beautiful insight on this: “At our core, we’re deeply caring human beings. Our soul knows we’re all connected. But sometimes we get trained early on to take care of others, instead of ourselves, to make the outside world work better.”

“When you recognize that your inside world is more important, you begin to honor your soul with self-care. And when you manage that, you’ll show up in the outside world in a much more effective way.”


Cheryl’s books are filled with great tips on how to begin the self-care process. Here are 3 that have helped feed my own soul. Honor your soul this week by choosing one (or more!) to practice:



  1. Eliminate one thing off your plate. This will create more time and space for you and your soul.

  2. Meditate. “It’s a beautiful and powerful way to begin developing a deeper relationship with yourself and your soul,” Cheryl says. And 2 minutes is enough to get you started!

  3. Surround yourself with animals. This one is my favorite because when I’m with Koda, my soul is happiest! Cheryl affirms: “Animals connect us to our souls because they’re such an incredible source of unconditional love.”

Now, I understand that you might not have a pet, or where you live may not allow pets, or respectfully you appreciate animals but aren’t an ‘animal person’… I get that – then I highly recommend to get out into nature any chance you can get. When you immerse yourself in nature, breathing it in, opening all your senses - it infuses and revitalizes all of you, body, mind & soul.

What a blessing Cheryl has been to me, my soul and my self-care! She has taught me, a well as thousands, that it’s ok to take time for your life and you are worth it.

For more on Cheryl’s work, visit:

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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