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Do You Have A Question for the Spirit World? • Soul Inspirations 386 • October 10, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "Do You Have A Question for the Spirit World?"

If you’ve attended any of my events, you know what I always say about our loved ones in the Spirit World: “They want to talk to us—as much as we want to talk to them.”

Your loved ones (even animals!) who have passed are very eager to help you from the Other Side. They want to gently guide and inspire you to be all that you can be here in this physical world. Sometimes, you simply just have to ask.

It’s the power of love that constantly keeps us connected to one another.

How much can we rely on these spirit messengers? There are specific lessons you must learn on your own for the evolution of your soul. So, your loved ones on the Other Side cannot interfere with what you’re meant to experience in this lifetime. However, they can definitely assist you when you need them most.

These messages can come to you in many shapes and forms—through a dream, a synchronistic event, a wisp of inspiration that suddenly came over you or the power of grace that arrives at the perfect time.

We all need a little divine assistance in our lives. That’s why I was inspired to create The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck, now available on an easy-to-use App. It’s one of the best tools to help you tap in to these messages from your loved ones in the Spirit World.

There are so many challenges we face on a daily basis, and no matter how much experience we have, oftentimes turning to Spirit for guidance and clarity can be a source of great comfort.


Do you have an oracle card deck sitting on your bookcase that you’ve never opened? Did you download my new Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck or Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck App, but haven’t had the time to try them out? Are you facing a difficult situation or having to make a critical decision about a relationship or career move? Then it might be good time to let Spirit offer up a little guidance!

This week, I invite you to break open that card deck or one of my new Apps and start exploring! Check out the introduction and the many ways you can use these card decks. (If you don’t have any oracle cards or apps, you can also ask a question directly to your guides. Then look for any signs, symbols or synchronistic events that come to you.)

Start off by thinking of one specific question you’d like some divine help with. Make it a question that’s about seeking advice rather than a “yes” or “no” answer. Try the single card reading first.

Then open yourself to the card that comes up for you. Take time to consider the full meaning. You may not get the answer you want, but you’ll get what you need to hear.

If you know someone who may like to get this message, feel free to share this Soul Inspirations or recommend they join my newsletter list.  Equally, I'd love to hear your personal stories, so do share them on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Live a Soul-filled life!




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