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Try This Psychic Reading Technique! • Soul Inspirations 384 • September 12, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "Try This Psychic Reading Technique!"

While reading some of the comments on my social media pages, I noticed that many of you want to learn more about psychometry or what is called “The Psychic Touch.” So, let me tell you a little bit more about this powerful technique.

As I mentioned before, psychometry is the practice of holding someone’s personal possession and then reading the object as part of a psychic reading. It’s as if you’re somehow feeling, seeing, or hearing through the power of touch and receiving impressions from this person’s possession.

Remember, everything is made up of energy and its own auric emanations. It could be your favorite ring, a watch, the shirt you’re wearing or even that old chair you love to sit in. Each one of these objects can hold messages about your history and experiences!

That’s why psychometry is such a wonderful training tool. It can help you to reach out beyond your five physical senses, by silencing or quieting your conscious mind so you can sense these messages and impressions through the energy of these objects. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone or events in their life just by touching an object of theirs.

I have a friend who uses psychometry every time she gets a business card from a new contact or associate. Most likely, these cards have the owner’s energy on it. She stops and holds the card in her hand, tunes in to ask herself how she’s feeling about it—whether it’s a positive or negative vibe. This helps her to make the best business decisions!


The next time you pick up something that belongs to someone else, try this power of touch for yourself. Think about the object you’re holding and ask yourself whether it feels positive or negative. For example, have you ever borrowed someone’s shirt or sweater and it made you feel different? What’s happening is that you’re picking up that person’s emotions and their essence.

Try this exercise with a business card you received or maybe someone’s car keys. I’ve found that metal items seem to work best, such as keys, watches, necklaces and rings. They seem to hold on to the owner’s energy even stronger. The longer the item has been worn or in the person’s possession, the better.

Hold the object lightly in your dominant hand. Keep turning it around in your hand as the images and feelings begin to form. If you can, write down the first few things that come to mind. You can ask questions while you’re holding the object: Is this person happy? Are they troubled? Can this person handle the job I’m about to offer them? What advice can I give to help them right now?

Share what you’ve received, whether it’s feelings, words, images or symbols with the owner of the object. You might be amazed with how the information you received translates into facts! 

Want to read more about “The Psychic Touch” technique? See Chapter 8 of my book, Bridging Two Realms

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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