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A Gentle Giant Who Can See Again • Soul Inspirations 381 • August 1, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter: "A Gentle Giant Who Can See Again"

I was just sitting down to read a recent edition of my quarterly newsletter from the New Hampshire SPCA and who do I see featured on the back cover? It’s Koda and me!

As you know, I’ve been a supporter of this wonderful organization and its loving staff for over a decade, and also established The Koda Fund with them to help offer lifesaving medical treatment for animals in need.

I’m not kidding here. This latest article they wrote brought me to tears. In it, NHSPCA’s amazing special events and sponsorship manager Julie Halama wrote about the Zoom gathering I hosted earlier this year.

We had more than 275 guests from around the world come together for live readings and lively conversation. It was such a memorable experience all around.

The best part, as mentioned in the article, was that this special event raised more than $16,500 for the animals! And the NHSPCA also announced that The Koda Fund, since its inception, has raised more than $180,000 to help give homeless animals a second chance.

What? Wow! I’m grabbing another tissue now. All I can do is say thanks from the bottom of my heart and soul to each and every one of you who has opened your hearts and souls to help support The Koda Fund and all these animals over the last 13 years.

Speaking of these precious animals, Julie also mentioned in the article a lovable pup named Remi, who was given a second chance. Remi is a gentle giant who’s never met a lap he can’t fit into. When he came to the NHSPCA, Remi was suffering from a medical condition called entropion that caused his eyelids to roll inward, creating scratches and ulcers on his cornea.

Poor Remi could barely open his eyes due to the constant, agonizing pain. But thanks to The Koda Fund, the NHSPCA was able to provide surgery to correct Remi’s condition and restore him back to health. (Now I need another tissue!)

As Julie reports, “Remi is now seeing the world clearly through his bright, brown eyes that quickly capture the hearts of his forever family!” 


I appreciate you for letting me share these stories and for making The Koda Fund such a beneficial resource for animals like Remi. As I mentioned before, this fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2012.

Whenever any animal—whether it’s rescued, adopted, surrendered or abandoned—needs a critical or life-saving medical treatment like Remi, I’m proud to say that The Koda Fund—and all of you who generously send donations—are there for them! They will go on to be adopted to their forever home One animal has the potential to change, enhance, and transform someone life forever..

If you’d like more information about the NHSPCA and the Koda Fund, click here:

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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