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Make This New Year Your Best Soul-Filled Year! • Soul Inspirations 366 • December 30, 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Make This New Year Your Best Soul-Filled Year!"

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve—a time when we reflect on the year gone by … the happiest times as well as the challenges and losses. What have we learned about ourselves this year? What do we want more of? How can we serve? What we need to change? And most importantly — What can we do to make the most out of 2022 and make it our best year yet?

It’s not about how many pounds you can lose or how many resolutions you can jot down that are too unrealistic to ever achieve. I personally believe – it’s really a time to make the dedicated commitment to look and listen within and tap into your soul and let it guide you to your most fulfilling life.

Yes, you can do this! Why worry about the days ahead when your soul is already there making sure that every step you take is for your highest good? Appreciate all that has happened to you in 2021, whether positive or negative.

The difficult challenges that we have in our lives are usually the biggest spiritual change agents for us. As long as we learn from every situation and lesson that we have been through, we then become better people and… so much wiser.

So, tomorrow night when midnight is about to strike, set the intention to live in the present, send out a loving thought to your loved ones, friends, your animals, to those in need, and to Mother Earth. Enjoy every moment, have gratitude for all your blessings and celebrate!

As I’ve been teaching throughout this year, you can manifest anything you desire when you tap into the power of your soul. That’s where you’ll find everything you’re looking for: peace, comfort, hope, guidance, community and love. All you have to do is open your heart and welcome it in!

Here are 5 ways you can rest assured that this New Year will be your Best Year:

  1. Tap in to your intuition. What is it you really want in 2022? Set an intention and let the Universe know so it can start working on it! Then take time each day to get quiet, go within and look for any nudges or messages that come to you.
  2. Ask your soul for guidance. Your soul is like a trusted friend. Ask your soul to help you when facing any challenges or decisions. Write down any messages you get and don’t wait to address them. Do it now!
  3. Believe! Once you trust in the power of your intuition and your soul, there are no limits to what this year will bring you.
  4. Do one kind act each day. When you give from your heart to others, you are feeding your soul. A soul nourished with unconditional love is unstoppable! What you put out – you’ll attract.
  5. Stay connected! Reach out to family and friends for support and love. Reach out through your intuition to loved ones who have passed. They can send you guidance from the Other-Side. Your year will be your best when you can share it with every soul you encounter.

I’ve been watching retrospective videos, looking back on the past year and taking time myself to reflect on all we’ve gone through. I’ve noticed that the same message keeps coming up: We’ve still starving for community and connection.

So, I want to repeat this message:

When we’re connected, we’re protected.
When we’re connected, we’re working for our highest good.
When we’re connected, love will abound.
When we’re connected, we’re working in partnership with our soul to manifest the people, opportunities and synchronistic events that will lead us to our most fulfilling life.

Let’s keep the connection going so we can all have the Best New Year Yet!

Happy New Year, Dear Souls!  

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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