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Tough Decision? Turn to Your Intuition • Soul Inspirations 361 • October 18, 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Tough Decision? Turn to Your Intuition"

Do decisions come easy to you or would you rather get someone else to make them? Whenever you’re facing a tough choice or need to make an important determination in your life, turn to the inner-guidance of your soul!

Whenever we make decisions based on intuition, we trust our feelings. The more we use our inner-guidance to lead us, the more our confidence builds and the better we get at it.

Try to acknowledge, honor and act upon feelings and signs that will nudge you in the right direction. That’s your soul talking! I remember a time when I was about to give a talk for a sold-out event. Several days before, I kept getting a nagging feeling to call the organizers and check on the equipment for the evening. Instead, my rational mind kicked in: “No, John, they’re professionals who have done this hundreds of times before. Let it go.” (I may be a psychic medium, but I don’t always pay attention to everything I feel.)

When I arrived at the venue, I found a broken microphone, a tiny footstool to sit on, a lack of air-conditioning and a spotlight shining on me that had enough juice to light up New York City! If I had trusted my soul and called the organizers beforehand, I could have saved a lot of stress for myself as well as the staff who rushed around to fix everything.

I know it can be scary to listen to your intuition when your logic is pulling you in the opposite direction. But fear will hold you prisoner if you let it. Your intuition isn’t meant to replace reason, it’s there to enhance your logic, thereby giving you a far better chance to succeed.

Practice listening to your body’s signals and interpreting your feelings when making decisions. Some people may feel a flutter when something feels wrong or a tingling sensation if they’re on the right path; while others may feel nothing, signaling them not to move forward. 


Try this exercise that a friend shared with me. The next time you want to use your intuition, take a few moments and imagine a simple streetlight in front of you. Now, ask a question about a decision you need to make this week. Then see if the light changes. Red means stop, Yellow means wait, and Green means proceed.

Of course, you’re not really getting answers from a traffic light. This is just a personal symbol you can use to help you tap in to your inner-guidance.

You don’t always have to turn over your power to someone else when it comes to making decisions. With practice, you’ll learn how to interpret your own specific signs. Begin with small choices so you can gradually build up your trust and confidence. Have faith in your inner-guidance. It wants nothing more than the best for you.

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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