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The Divine Package Deal! • Soul Inspirations 358 • September 6, 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "The Divine Package Deal!"

Are you still filled with questions about why things happen in life and which path is the best one for you? You needn’t look any further than within your soul. When you begin living and viewing the world from a soul level, you’ll start to understand the expansive spiritual power of your soul. You’ll also gain a higher perspective and deeper understanding of your life purpose, the nature of the world and your fellow mankind.

As much as I love being a medium and helping the bereaved, I feel I’m also meant to teach people how to understand their soul. There’s so much for you to learn about how to use and trust your soul’s sense of intuition and how the power and energy of love is vital to your soul’s well-being.

As you tap into this amazing source, you’ll learn how to heal yourself as well as others and find the tools to break free from the limitations of the past, so that your soul can continue to expand and evolve.

We’re all uniquely different and so are our spiritual practices and daily habits. They reflect our individualism and ultimately lead us to connecting and embracing our soul. It’s a highly personal and private relationship.

Once we realize that we can access the wisdom of this phenomenal internal database that we call the wisdom of the soul anytime we wish, it becomes an empowering motivator to start living the life we were meant to live and creating the future we desire.

When we focus on what lies within rather than what’s on the outside, we become more aware of the forces that draw us together—the spiritual power of the soul.


Right now, as you read this edition of Soul Inspirations, this is your chance to own your power and live life as the Divine Soul you are. This is something you don’t want to put off till tomorrow or when you have time. Today is the day! Now is the moment!

As a soul, you have a piece of God, the Divine Source inside you at all times. It’s a package deal. As a human, you have a soul and as a soul, you have all the power that goes with it. It doesn’t discriminate, exclude or condemn. No matter how much you ignore it or at times even try to abandon it, your soul will never leave you. It’s a partnership for keeps!

All your soul asks is that you turn to it and be open and receptive to its Divine wisdom. It only wants what’s best for you and your highest good.

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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