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Is Your Soul Having a Temper Tantrum? • Soul Inspirations 345 • March 8, 2021

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Is Your Soul Having a Temper Tantrum?"

I recently hosted an online conversation with my good friend, Kerri Richardson. She’s a lifestyle designer who just published her latest book, From Clutter to Clarity. You’ve heard me mention Kerri before. She’s helped me in my own life, both with clearing clutter and coaxing me to move forward on several projects I’ve been procrastinating about.

During our discussion, Kerri stopped me in my tracks when she gave her definition of clutter: “Essentially, I’ve learned that clutter in all of its forms—physical, spiritual and mental—is a temper tantrum of the Soul.”

Is that amazing or what? I love this definition!

When Kerri uses the word clutter in her books and coaching practice, it’s a catchall term meaning: “Anything that gets in the way of you living your most joyous and exuberant life.”

So, when Kerri mentions clutter, she’s not just talking about having a closet overflowing with clothes you don’t wear or shelves toppling over with too many books. Kerri says these are just symptoms we need to investigate to see what’s at the source—what is it specifically that’s getting in the way and blocking us from living a soulful life.

How can you tell if your Soul is having a temper tantrum? Take a good look around you. Is there something out of alignment in your life? Is one of your relationships on shaky ground? Are you unhappy about your weight or your appearance? Are you feeling frustrated about being stuck at home during this pandemic?

Kerri beautifully describes why your Soul could be having a temper tantrum: “Your Soul isn’t getting what it needs and this is the one way it will get your attention.”

That’s how smart your Soul is. Your Soul wants you to have a fulfilling life. But if it sees something getting in your way, your Soul will tap you on the shoulder. And if you turn the other way or refuse to listen, your Soul will get louder. Loud enough, even, to have a full-fledged temper tantrum!

If you want to purchase Kerri's book, From Clutter to Clarity - just click here


Keep checking in with yourself. When things begin to build up—whether it’s past programming, past hurts, angry feelings or fear of letting go of something, look closely at what’s cluttering up your path toward joy. It may be time to start making space for your soul.

I’m so lucky to have a friend like Kerri Richardson in my life. She has done so much to help me clear out some of the clutter that’s been blocking my own soul path. Kerri even says that clutter has little to do with you being disorganized and everything to do with the important role it plays for your soul and your life. You’ll be astounded when you hear that your clutter in the bedroom represents something completely different from the clutter in your basement!

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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