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How You Breathe Is How You Live • Soul Inspirations 337 • November 16, 2020

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "How You Breathe Is How You Live"

Can you believe it’s Autumn already? The leaves are changing and the beautiful colors look like an artist canvas, the stores are selling holiday decorations already, the sunsets are getting earlier and we’re still going stir-crazy staying at home so much. I want to tell you about a remarkable resource to use when you need a lift. I call it: “The Soul Reservoir.” Each of us possesses this vital force. It can benefit your overall well-being and even help your psychic and intuitive development. And you don’t need to be a Jedi or Mark Hamill to wield it. All you have to do is simply—take your next breath!

When I started exploring my own psychic abilities, I found myself drawn to the significance of working with the breath. As you know, Eastern traditions are based on the principle that breath is life. After all, when we enter this world, the first thing we do is inhale—and before we leave this life, the last thing we do is exhale. If you think about it, life is one continuous series of breaths.

Proper breathing habits can do so much—sharpen your mental abilities, strengthen your willpower, enhance your spiritual progression, bring you more joy and inner peace and connect you to your soul. So why are you taking this unassuming miracle for granted?

Who would believe that we actually need instructions on the proper way to breathe? In this high-tech age, we rarely stop to catch our breath. We’ve developed so many unnatural and unhealthy ways of standing, sitting and even talking that our postures quickly fall out of alignment. This leads to constrictions in the chest, which prevents us from breathing properly…and to half breathe is to be half alive.

What’s vital about your breath is this: The way we breathe is how we live our lives.


Take time this month to notice how you breathe. Are you breathing with shallow, restricted short breaths? If so, it’s likely that you’re suppressing your emotions and feelings. You’re therefore limiting your potential and the true nature of who you really are and who you can be.

To appreciate how you should breathe properly, watch how a baby sleeps. If you don’t’ have a little one in your household, try to find a video on YouTube. Notice how a baby breathes slowly, in and out with their abdomen rising up and down. Of course, we all breathed this way at one time. This is known as The Complete Breath and I encourage to look into the techniques and its many benefits.

When you combine your mind and body with the help of the breath, you can get through these anxious times a little better and experience a more enlightened, healthy and positive life experience.

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Live a Soul-filled life!




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