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Keeping your Soul Journal is a Must! • Soul Inspirations 334 • October 5, 2020

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Keeping your Soul Journal is a Must!"

I’m so honored to have received such a reaction to my new venture “My Soul Community” which launches in just 10 days! So many people have already emailed me, asking all sorts of questions, so they can prepare for this 12-month journey. I believe it’s important to prepare, and also to record your journey, so as part of the resources that will be included in My Soul Community, I’ve made sure there’s a Journal to download free, so everyone can keep their own private journal.

As part of your preparation, it’s also important to get in touch with your soul-self and one of the ways to enhance your spiritual awareness is to become more psychically aware. So, to master your psychic abilities, you should try and practice your skills every day so you can look forward to your special time with yourself and your Soul.

To help you do this, I highly recommend that if you become part of this special community on October 15th, that you start your journal and use it on a daily basis.

You may decide to have more than one journal in different places so that no matter where you are, there will be somewhere to record your progress and those intuitive flashes and impressions.

Psychic and intuitive thoughts can happen anytime, anywhere. Your journal will become a valuable resource in the future, as you look back on your progress. It can validate your abilities and often become a teaching manual in itself.

I have journals that go back years where I’ve recorded hunches, impressions, exercises, and of course, my dreams at night. When I look at them, I can see the progression of my abilities and some of my teachings in my books come right from those very journals.

But please don’t get hung up about whether you’re right or wrong—making the effort is the important part, and it will have the greatest value as you discover how you intuitively receive information.

As you start your psychic journal, make sure you record your entries with a time and date so you can chart your progress when you look back days, months and years later.

Here are a few ideas you may want to put in your journal:

  • Any unexpected thoughts or impressions that come to you that seem to be outside of your day-to-day routine—even if you feel you’re making them up.
  • Coincidences and synchronicities that seem to continually run through your life.
  • The same numbers that keep showing up in your life, whether you see them on license plates, clocks, phone numbers, what have you.
  • Your dreams or any images and emotions you remember from your sleep.
  • Any pictures or symbols that come into your mind. (Try not to edit what you’re receiving.)
  • Your personal goals and desires.
  • Affirmations that really inspire you.

Keeping a journal will, by itself, help your consciousness expand because you’re beginning to work with, and getting to know, your own inner-guidance system.

This will lead to a gradual awakening as you start to notice how you’re working together with your mind and spirit in trusting and interpreting the language of your soul.


Let’s take this journey together to awaken the power of your soul!

My guides keep nudging me with the message to “Stay connected, stay connected.” I hope you’ll join me and allow me to guide, assist, and show you every step of the way, how powerful it is to be connected to your soul as well as a supportive community! 

Do you know someone who may appreciate being part of this new community? Feel free to share this Soul Inspirations or recommend they join my newsletter list.

Live a Soul-filled life!




p.s. Don't forget that when you tell your friends to join my newsletter list, there's a free meditation to listen to, which is called Raising the Power.


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