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One of My Most Emotional Cases | Soul Inspirations 316 • Jan 27, 2020

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "One of my most emotional cases"

Today, I want to talk to you about place memory. It’s the ability to pick up vibrations and detailed information, whether it’s seen, felt or heard, of a past event. The more traumatic the event—the stronger the impression.

The easiest way to describe it, it's is as if someone took a snapshot in time, and etched it in the atmosphere of the actual environment or the fabric of the building where the event took place.

Fortunately, most people don’t have such finely tuned psychic antennae to be able to tap into such memories. Otherwise, we’d all be walking around looking shocked and miserable every time we go near a disaster site. On a lesser scale, many people may walk into a room and feel an argument that just took place, or pick up on the atmosphere in a room that doesn’t feel right. We’ve all experienced this sometime in our lives.

In my case, I have the ability to go way beyond this feeling. My ability can literally be stretched over the canvas of time. It really doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, last week, or even hundreds of years ago. Scenes play out in my mind as I slip back in time, and often the clarity and detail is like an old movie that’s been digitally restored. I feel as if I’m actually there.

Over the years, I’ve been called to many locations, and I find the tragedy and sadness can often be overwhelming. The video you’re about to watch is one of the most emotional cases I’ve ever undertaken to use my specialized ability of place memory.

To give you a little background, I taped this segment with the A&E network for a TV special called Mediums: We See Dead People.

As I’m writing this, even though I filmed this segment many years ago, I’m reliving the experience again. I actually had to walk away from my computer to take a break and then come back to finish this newsletter. The experience of that day will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I invite you to watch the 8-minute video clip here.

After you watch this clip, I’d love to hear your reactions and comments. So please share them with me on my Facebook page. If you’d like to watch more videos about me and my work, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.


When I watched this video again in preparation for this newsletter, it was almost as if I were doing it all over again. The only comfort that I receive now is the knowledge that all those young women who perished at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on that tragic day in 1911, are by now safe and with their families on the Other-Side.

It’s also good to know that as a result of public outrage of the horror, numerous changes in factory and occupational safety standards were put in place to ensure the safety of workers today.

Live a Soul-filled life!





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