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Do Numbers Keep Showing Up in Your Life? | Soul Inspirations 310 • Nov 4, 2019

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Do Numbers Keep Showing Up in Your Life?"

Numbers play a key role in our lives, in the world, in science and technology. When you think of it, everything in the Universe revolves around numbers. From the rotation of the earth and the planets in our Universe, our calendars, to the way we keep time, everything is based on numbers.

Do numbers keep showing up in your life? This could be how your loved ones on the Other-Side are trying to get your attention.

Oftentimes, your loved ones who have passed on will attempt to communicate with you through numbers. Have you noticed any number or series of numbers that appear repeatedly in your life? It could be on your digital clock, license plate, bills, telephone numbers, or those synchronistic moments when you find you have the same birthday as someone you’ve just met. Many people will see the exact time of the passing of a loved one repeatedly appearing in their lives.

Numbers play a big part in my work, both on and offstage. For a while, I frequently used to see the number 149. No matter what order they were in, these three numbers kept popping up in my life. I searched my memory banks and scrambled the numbers in every possible combination. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it meant. No one I knew had passed at that specific time, nor did any birthdates make sense. So I figured they were given to me to play the lottery. Well, sadly, that didn’t work either!

Then I noticed every time I was on my way to speak at an event, I’d always see those same numbers. Sometimes I’d notice them on a license plate, a billboard, or on the side of a bus. There they were again! It finally dawned on me that they were “my guides” checking in with me, letting me know that they were going to be with me.

It was comforting to know they were there. In those early days, I suffered from stage fright before an event, wondering if the Spirit link would still be there. I’ve been doing this work for more than 25 years now, and thankfully, it just grows stronger. Nowadays, when I see these numbers, I simply just say “Hello” and thank my guides for the confirmation.


Keep a note in your journal when you notice your special numbers, and try to remember what you were just thinking or what you were just doing. The numbers might be nothing more than confirmation that you’re on the right track. Then again, they could have greater significance.

Numbers that continue to show up may not always be from someone who has passed, they could just be from your guides, your angels, your intuition, or the Universe. Once you begin to notice and understand numbers, you’ll never look at them in the same way again. Has someone on the Other-Side communicated to you through numbers? I invite you to share your story on my Facebook page or, you can always phone into my Spirit Connections radio show.

Equally, if you want to share this newsletter with anyone you think might benefit from the comfort of knowing that you're never alone, feel free to share or recommend they join our community.

Live a Soul-filled life!




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