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A Swan Song of Love | Soul Inspirations 302 • July 15, 2019

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "A Swan Song of Love"

When I was first starting out, I participated in an event with well-known psychic medium John Edward. I was excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I knew this was my test to see if I could take my mediumship to the next level.

I sat in the green room for a while, thinking how much I wanted to be the very best I could, and I hoped that my guides would be there to assist me. Before long, I started to receive information in a series of images. In my mind’s eye, I saw what seemed to be a piece of paper being furiously folded. Were they trying to show me a paper plane, a paper toy, or was it just a cut-out doll? I tried to interpret what I was receiving as quickly as I could. It finally turned into a beautiful origami swan. I knew immediately that this was the link.

Suddenly I heard John Edward announce my name and I was on. Putting any fears behind me, I strode confidently on stage. The atmosphere was electric as I gave a short talk about myself, how I work, and what people could expect, as well as what not to expect.

I could feel my energy rising. Conscious that I had less than an hour left, I couldn’t wait any longer. The image of the origami swan jumped back into my mind and at that very moment, I felt a young boy draw close. I could feel myself being pulled to the top balcony, so I raised my hand and said, “I have a boy here calling out to his family. He wants to talk to his Mom! Would someone in that section understand an origami swan?”

A woman stood up frantically waving her hands back and forth and yelling, “Up here John, I think it’s for me!”

“So you lost a son?” I asked. “Yes!” she cried out. “Then you understand the origami swan?” I asked her.

To an almost silent audience, she told how her son had died suddenly a few years earlier, and how a friend had given her an origami swan in remembrance of him. She’d even brought the little folded swan to the event and had it in her wallet. All eyes were focused on her as she reached in and revealed the beautiful paper swan. You could feel the love that was being sent to her at that moment from each and every person in the auditorium.

After the event, I found out that in the Celtic tradition, a swan symbolizes the Soul – the aspect of all beings, which is eternal. I’ve since heard that this woman who lost her son now receives these precious paper swans from people all over the country. And every time she receives one, it’s like a hello from her son.


My soul was filled with energy that special day because Spirit had infused me with its own love, enabling me to pass on hope to those people at this event. I wonder if John will ever know the kindness he showed me by asking me to be part of that event—one that boosted my confidence to continue my work as a Spirit Whisperer.

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