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Put Your Psychic Ability To Work in 2019 | Soul Inspirations 287 • December 17, 2018

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations newsletter : "Put Your Psychic Ability To Work in 2019"

Did you know that using your psychic ability is the same as using any muscle in your body? But, most importantly … you have to use it to strengthen it. In this Soul Inspirations, I am giving you an exercise, which I often use in my workshops. It can be very helpful and fun to do. So here goes …

Pretend you’re already psychically aware. Then choose someone (maybe a spouse, family member or friend) that you feel naturally drawn to. Now tell this person any information you’re receiving, even if you feel you’re making it up.

Try not to think too much or let your conscious mind interfere, so just say what you feel. When you’re feeling free, there’s no pressure to be right and above all, just have fun doing it!

In this case, your imagination and psychic ability work hand in hand to create a natural flow of information. It’s not uncommon for the spirit of a loved one to slip into your mind when you’re not pressured to perform or to be accurate.

Of course, what often happens when doing this exercise is that you think you’re making it all up, only to learn later that you actually did receive accurate information. While there might be as many misses as there are hits, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much accurate information is actually given. This is because you’re having fun and letting yourself have free rein without expectations and restrictions.

If you enjoyed this simple exercise, here are 5 simple actions you can do to strengthen your psychic ability, starting right now:

  • Before you sit down at your desk at work in the morning, ask yourself: “How many e-mails will I receive today?” or “What will my boss be wearing today?”
  • When the phone rings, see if you can sense who’s on the other end, before you look at the caller ID.
  • When receiving utility bills, try to guess the amount before you open the envelope.
  • If you’re at a building that has multiple elevator doors, stand in front of the one you feel will open first.
  • If you’re feeling confident, see if you can visualize a word or two from tomorrow’s newspaper headlines.

As you’re practicing these exercises and developing your psychic ability, it’s important not to get hung up on whether you are right or wrong. Making the effort is the important part; it will have great value as you discover how your intuition or psychic ability receives and interprets information.

Remember, everyone works with their intuitive psychic abilities in their own way, so you should never try to emulate someone else.

Live a Soul-filled life!




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