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Chanting Your Way To Enlightenment • Soul Inspirations 240 • February 13th, 2017

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations

I write often about the important of balancing your mind, body and spirit with all the usual routines and practices, such as exercise, healthy eating, and a balanced work routine. But there’s another way to achieve an even greater sense of wellbeing and enlightenment as well as a stronger connection with the Divine. I’m talking about meditation, but not just regular meditation – I’m referring to chanting.

What better way to bring all the bodily senses together, than through the connection of vibrational sound? It touches your mind, your emotions, as well as your essential organs, such as your lungs and heart. It’s a wonderful way to de-stress, and become more conscious and aware.

There are many ways to chant, regardless of how self-conscious you may be. You can meditate with a pre-recorded chanting track or devise your own chants. The most important part is that you’re better doing this totally alone. If you have a quiet space you can relax in, then all the better as you won’t be worrying what the neighbours will think, or your partner hearing you making weird noises!

Chanting meditations raise the level of your own vibrations, and enable you to reach a higher spiritual plane. Whatever sound, word, or phrase you decide to use, choose something unique and personal to you. It can help to bolster your spirit, when you feel depleted. Equally, chanting meditations can liberate the soul, so you feel as though you’re floating, without all the pressures of your normal life. It’s when you reach this place, that you can often find answers to questions plaguing you, a place where clarity can help you make decisions.

So, if you’re juggling a multitude of things in your personal, home, business life, try this simple meditation this week, and see if you find it helpful.


To get the most out of this chanting meditation, try to allocate some time when you’re alone. If you’ve meditated before, then the initial process of quietening the mind is a great place to start.

Get yourself comfortable, preferably sitting in an upright chair, and once you’ve achieved that quietness in your mind, focus on your breathing. Instead of focusing only on the rhythm of your breath, focus on the sound of your breath as well. Find a sound or word, and each time you breathe out, gently make the sound. The chanting in itself becomes a form of breath control.

Each time you breathe out and get more comfortable making the sounds, try slowly increasing the tone, and experiment with the duration, the pitch and so on. Notice the sensations coursing through your body, how you heart feels, your fingers, and your soul. Once you’re totally focused on the rhythm of the chants, this is a great time to bring to mind one issue or problem you’ve been trying to resolve. Ask the question, and let the answer come naturally.

Live a Soul-filled life!



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