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Juggling Life to Create a Better Balance • Soul Inspirations 239 • January 30th, 2017

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations

How many times have you heard yourself say: “If only I had a few minutes to myself?” It can certainly be a crazy world, juggling family needs, work needs, friends, loved ones, and of course yourself. Sometimes, it’s never ending with one thing after another, whether it’s taking one of the kids to a sports lesson, doing the shopping, the laundry … let alone the daily routine of work. It’s easy to feel drained and to lose that special connection with your inner-life force. I’m not going to say that I’m perfect at balancing my life, as what I call “stuff” gets in the way. Recently I’ve had a few weeks, when it’s been one thing after another, from the boiler requiring a major overhaul to snow clearing, and other maintenance issues, as well as the usual car service, some follow up medical treatments for myself, as well as for my dog Koda and so on … all of which impacts on my daily routine.

If this sounds anything like your own schedule, that it’s time to take a leaf out of Buddha’s book and insist that you carve out an hour a day for your own self-care. He did just that – he used one hour a day for himself, each and every day. Of course, it may not be possible every day, as there are times like having a baby or when you’re feeling poorly, that it’s not possible, but in general it’s worth setting some boundaries around your daily schedule to integrate some self-care into the mix.

You’ve heard me talk often about the need for self-care, and it was only after my last few weeks, that having completed some physical therapy treatments on a shoulder injury, that I was finally able to get back to the routine of going to the gym at least 3 times a week. This not only helps strengthen the body, feeds the muscles and promotes a feeling of vitality, but it nurtures the soul, by sending out a message that you’re taking care of yourself, your body, mind and soul.


This week, my lesson is simple. STOP … yes, stop what you’re doing and sit down for five minutes and make a list of what you have to do every week as routine. It’s a good idea to make that list in two columns, the left column being the essential things that you have to do, and the right-hand column being all the other things you do, that maybe someone else could do for some weeks, or there are things that could be grouped together, or some of those things could be done bi-weekly instead of every week.

Once you have that list … try and find some gaps and use those times for your self-care time. I recommend an hour – but if you cant commit to that, do what you can. It’s making the effort that’s important. Don’t forget that there are two sides, one being internal (mind, heart and health) and the second being external (work, social, family, leisure, etc.). When you’re taking that important self-care time, consider in one session focusing on the internal so you challenge yourself intellectually, feeding your heart with the love you get from others, and setting an achievable goal do some exercise that week.

Then, when you do the next session, focus on the external, so that you set some goals for work, make a date to see a friend you’ve not seen in a while, spend time with the family and most importantly have some fun! Make time for something you love doing, and enjoy it.

Live a Soul-filled life!



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