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Would You Like To Be A Better Person? • Soul Inspirations 238 • January 16th, 2017

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Soul Inspirations

As part of my theme of self-reflection for the New Year, if you’re like me, then from time to time you may ask, “How can I improve myself?” There’s nothing wrong with a little self-reflection as long as it doesn’t become overly obsessive. We all desire to become better people, to give of ourselves more, to be more compassionate, more loving, less selfish and so on … BUT, it’s not always that easy. Things get in the way! Yes, I’m talking about life and how life can easily muddy the waters that once were so clear, yet at times it can be confusing which way to turn.

While in our hearts, we might know that we want to be better, to be all those things I’ve just said, but outside influences, such as society, friends and family, work colleagues, all have an impact on the way we think and behave.

My suggestions are only my own thoughts and in no way am I recommending that one size fits all when it comes to personal development, but I do believe it has to start with both liking and loving yourself, so that you set out with a healthy dose of self-respect.

So if I’ve asked a pertinent question in this edition of Soul Inspirations, or if you feel that this newsletter is exactly what you needed at this time … then I’ve done something positive. When I have time at the end of a day – particularly when I’m at home – I like to reflect and see what I can do to become a better person, not just for others, but also myself. In my lesson I’ve put a few ideas and thoughts to help you create your own list.


It’s good discipline to set aside some time as often as you can, whether that’s daily, once a week, or whenever. The fact that you’re setting aside dedicated time is the important thing! Here are a few ways to consider becoming a better person, and of course add your own too.

Don’t be afraid of change
Change is the only way to grow and progress. If you keep an open mind and show willingness to change, you can grow into the person you want to be.

Stop making excuses
We all use excuses as a way out. Whenever things go wrong, it’s never our fault! It’s much easier to blame others than accept the cause that may lie within oneself. Once you take full accountability, you will be amazed how that makes you a better person and you can move on more easily with other areas of your life.

Give of yourself
We all complain that we never get anything back. Actually, giving of yourself makes you a better person, when you give freely and without any expectation of what you might or might not get in return. The most rewarding feeling in the world is knowing you made someone smile.

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone
Most of us live within our comfort zone, rarely doing things we “think” we might not like. Yet, when you step outside and try something different, something daring, something “new”, it’s another way of opening the door to becoming a better person.

There are numerous other ways that you can discover on your own. I hope you enjoy creating an exciting and nurturing path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Live a Soul-filled life!



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