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Building Bridges of Trust • Soul Inspirations 236 • December 19th, 2016

Hello Everyone and welcome to my final edition of Soul Inspirations for 2016

There are so many ways that we interact and communicate with each other on a daily basis, whether it’s face to face, on the phone, via email, social media and the endless text chats on all those different platforms! It can easily get overwhelming remembering what you’ve said to whom and in which mode! It's easy to misinterpret a few words and for the trust to break down.

For many of you who perhaps don’t find words of expression flow easily, it can be difficult to start the conversation, as you might fear you will appear stupid or vulnerable or even imperfect. Don’t let this prevent you from making contact, as it’s often the first step in building that bridge of trust again.

Find the most suitable method where you feel most comfortable. Initially that might be email or text, (I prefer face-to-face) but the important thing is to open the door. By signaling a desire to interact more personally, sharing your thoughts and aspirations, dreams and even your spiritual philosophies can be liberating. Once you start building the bridge of trust, you may well find that you’re able to share previously private thoughts and dreams in a more personal way, rather than the somewhat impersonal way of the past. Showing those you choose to trust displays a willingness to be open, to bare your soul and send out a signal that you’re receptive for others to become part of your life.

Once you reach out, you will be surprised how the intimate confidences you share, not only have a ripple effect, but inspire others to open their hearts and confide in you too. As this is my last Soul Inspirations before the holiday season gets under way, I thought this an opportune time to talk about this subject, even though I’ve written about it before. Confiding in others can promote emotional closeness and in doing so, often it’s a catalyst to dismantle past barriers that were caused from misunderstandings or past hurts. It’s all part of emotional baggage we carry around, and this can so easily cause break downs in trust and prevent much needed communication.

So, as you prepare for the Christmas holidays, putting up the decorations and making all the final preparations, take some time to remember those who would love to hear from you, and reach out to build or re-build those bridges and send that all important message of love and trust.

And finally … I wish you all the happiest, safest, joyous holidays and my thoughts and good wishes go out to everyone.


Confiding in others can promote emotional closeness and start the healing process, so my lesson in this final Soul Inspirations for 2016 is a simple one.

Think of two or three people who you know would really love to hear from you. Ask yourself why you’ve not spoken to them for so long. Be clear what happened, or why the relationship has lapsed. Once you have your list, decide on the best way to reach out.

If you’ve decided to text or email, sit comfortably and make sure you’re thinking about them when you write. Find words that show you’re prepared to heal past hurts or disputes, words that foster trust and words that show them you’re thinking about them this holiday and welcome their response.

If you decide to pick up the phone, then again take yourself off to a relaxed quiet spot in the house, and follow all the same recommendations.

Live a Soul-filled life!



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