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Touching Lives That Matter • Soul Inspirations 235 • December 5th, 2016

Hello Everyone and welcome to another edition of my Soul Inspirations.

In the last edition of my newsletter, I wrote about how to inspire positive feelings and showing the many ways of expressing heart-felt gratitude to those who really matter in your life. I hope that in the last two weeks, you’ve made time to express some feelings and made a positive change in one or more of your personal relationships.

I believe it’s part of the bigger picture, which for the purpose of this newsletter I’d like to call it “touching lives that matter” as I believe that when you make a commitment to connect with people you care about, you touch their lives in a way that not only matters to them, but potentially has the ripple effect to touch others. When you make that commitment to remain connected, it sets the stage for stronger, more fulfilling relationships. By reaching out, it builds bridges and in some instances, repairs bridges that were broken or damaged by past disputes, past hurts, past disagreements or misinterpretations.

I know it can be difficult to remain close to everyone at the same time in this busy world, with constant calls on our time, our energy, our love – all of which can easily drain our vital resource, but in making time for your loved ones and those who are important in your life demonstrates how important they are in your life, and that you desire to be an equally important part of their lives.

I liken touching lives to a game that I heard a while ago. It’s all about closing your eyes and having to touch four objects. The story goes like this. Imagine someone taking you by the hand and guiding you to various objects. You touch each in turn, the first feeling “rough”, then “hard”, “cold” and the last being a ‘warm” object. The last object filled your body with warmth, permeating your whole body with a warm that made you feel a connection. When you open your eyes, you realize that you touched a packaged granola bar, a stone, a granite worktop and then the final object … the palm of a hand.

When we reach out and touch each other, the same connection is forged, one of warmth, which in turns warms the heart.


As we’re approaching the holiday season, when our thoughts turn to those we love, the gifts we might buy them for Christmas to show them we love them and they’re important in our lives, don’t forget that it’s just as important to touch their lives in other ways. As much as I enjoy modern technology and the myriad of uses for social media, I feel it’s pulling us away from each other on a personal level, and now we have a tendency to resort to a ‘hello text’ or a Facebook ‘thumbs up’ or an ‘Emoji’. Try to speak to the person or have some face time. It’s more personal and you’re at least sharing in each other’s energy.

For this lesson, and it’s a simple one, just take an extra few moments with those you care about over the coming weeks. Every time you hug someone, or shake their hand, or hold someone … make a special effort to make that connection last a few moments longer than usual. Make that hug a special hug. Make that handshake mean something so they feel you holding their hand. Honor each other by being present. If someone needs to talk … let them talk, if someone needs advice … gladly give it, or honor if a person just needs to vent, without giving back advice. We’re all connected and always will be.

Live a Soul-filled life!



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