Hay House's Premier In Person I CAN DO IT Conference is BACK!

Tampa FL May 19-21 2023

Come see Psychic Medium John Holland and ALL your favorite Hay House Authors in this weekend conference!

It’s time to be inspired, uplifted, and empowered. I Can Do It!® is officially back—featuring the most comprehensive lineup of self-help teachers, spiritual guides, and healing experts you’ll ever see.

With more than 30 authors to choose from, you’re invited to attend workshops with your favorite speakers, join a supportive community of like-minded people, and take some time for self-care—in the beautiful city of Tampa.

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Come spend the day before the start of the conference with
John Holland & his Special Guest Medium Lauren Rainbow

They’ll be offering a pre-conference workshop on Friday May 19th 2023

Psychic Awakening - Unlock The Full Potential of Your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities

Did you know that as a soul, you already possess ALL the tools you need to unlock your hidden potential and help you lead an intuitive psychic life?

All you need now is the key to unlock your hidden intuitive potential—and you’ll find it here at this fun, lively and interactive psychic development workshop.

Get ready to extend your awareness far beyond your natural physical senses and connect to the unlimited innate spiritual abilities that lie within you during this all-day session hosted by two of the most engaging and dynamic psychic mediums in the country—John Holland & Lauren Rainbow who will show you how to identify your own psychic abilities and unlock your innate spiritual gifts!

Not only will you unlock the power of your intuitive abilities and make them work for you in all areas of your personal and business life, but you’ll also learn even more essential tools to sharpen your psychic potential, including:

  • Understanding the difference between intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic abilities.
  • Which ability is the strongest in you (clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience) and how to begin using it.
  • How to sense and see auras in people and learn to read their energy and get to know the kind of person they really are.
  • Reaching beyond the five senses, in preparation for those wishing to take their psychic development to the next level.
  • How to use your own unique psychic ability to link with Spirit. 

Whether you’re a novice, an advanced practitioner or just curious about your intuitive psychic abilities, this fun and educational workshop will assist in not only awakening your psychic potential, but will bring inspiration to everyone! All levels welcome.
Be prepared for many powerful lessons mixed in with laughter and fun!

You’ll be able to tell right away that John and Lauren love working together, sharing their decades of experience and teaching people like you how to awaken, access, and develop their intuitive senses.

Here is your chance to participate in a workshop with two of the country’s top Psychic Mediums! Don’t miss it!

** John & Lauren will be referring to and using their Mediumship Training Deck published by Hay House.
They will end the workshop by demonstrating their psychic and mediumship abilities by doing readings for some lucky workshop attendees! **

Then on Saturday May 20th 2023, John will be giving his lecture:

Bridging TWO Realms - Learn to Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side

Your loved ones are just a thought away and love is the bridge that will continually keep us connected to each other. John Holland will present a fascinating insight into how a medium connects with Spirit to bring healing messages of hope, love, and inspiration.

He’ll explain how our loved ones on the Other-Side continually try to send us signs to let us know they're still connected to us. He'll also explain how you can have your own personal connections with your loved ones!

John will end the workshop by giving as many messages as possible to some lucky participants!