Thursday July 23rd, 2020 | ONLINE via ZOOM
7:00pm-9:00pm ET  |  4:00pm-6:00pm PT  |  12:00am-2:00am GMT

An incredible evening of Psychic & Mediumship readings!

Clairvoyance is the inner-sense of seeing. It’s when you receive images, pictures, symbols, words, and colors. It’s not about seeing with your physical eyes, but it’s about using your inner-eye or better known as “the third eye”.

When a psychic or medium is using their ability of clairvoyance to work with someone here in the physical world or in Spirit, they are receiving images, colors, scenes, or even words and will be able to interpret them from their own psychic database, and will often know immediately what they mean.

œœ œ œ Would you like some psychic / intuitive advice about a life situation?  œ

œ♦  Do you yearn to connect to a loved one in Spirit?  œ

œ  Are you curioius how a psychic or a medium knows what they know?  œ

œ  Could everyone use the ability of clairvoyance in their own lives?  œ

œ  Do you want some techniques for your own clairvoyance development?  œ

During this online special evening, John will explain how he clairvoyantly receives and interprets information from this world and beyond. He will spend the majority of the evening offering intuitive insight for some members of the attendees, as well as Spirit Connections to loved ones on the Other Side.

This will be an energizing evening that will be healing, fun, and insightful!

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