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Issue 161 • Jan 13, 2014


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An Afternoon of Spirit Messages
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April 6, 2014
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Soul Inspirations brings you this card from
The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

New Beginnings

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is my first newsletter for 2014 and many of you are well under way with your goals, affirmations, and have spent time charting out what you want to accomplish this year. I don’t think you need to hear what’s already been said, but instead I want to use this newsletter to share my thoughts on a VERY important subject that you may not have addressed yet - your spirit!

We set goals for the New Year; some we achieve and some just go by the wayside. We strive in the material world, but forget about our inner world and often times pull away from taking care of our own precious spirit. While we’re all born connected to the Divine Source, we have a tendency to pull away from what was once natural. It’s reasonable to assume that when we become disconnected from spirit, the source that once nourished us will be replaced with another source or substitute. In other words, the connection is forged with food, alcohol, nicotine, codependency to someone, or even work – hence the term workaholic. Many of us spend our lives trying to fill that void that was created when the link was broken.

Over the holidays I spent time in England, and was asked to join my second family in Cornwall, which is in a beautiful part of the country located on the coast. We stayed in a house that overlooked the beach and the massive cliffs of Trevone. I spent some quiet time just sitting by the window watching the gigantic waves crash along the cliffs, and totally enjoyed the feeling of just being present and in the moment. England has always been special to me and visiting there always seems to bring me such peace. I realized after being there for a few days, and getting some rest after a busy year, that I felt revived! Not just my body - but also my spirit! Was it the ocean? The air? The holiday? Or was it simply that being away and pulling back from the day to day of the physical world brought more energy into my spirit. I believe it was all of the above.

My message to you is that in the coming weeks, please try to take some time to find your spirit and infuse it with passion and energy. Most people forget that we are made of energy and light that has to be revived and renewed. We are electrical being with intelligence and have to devote time to bring in chi (energy) so our spirit can help us here in the physical world. You don’t have to go to another country to seek the benefits of taking care of your spirit – you can do it anywhere, and will give you some tips how to do so just below in the “lesson” section.

I had to choose the NEW BEGINNINGS tarot card not just because it’s a New Year, but it could possibly be the start of you remembering that you are a spiritual being as well as a physical being. The text from the card really expresses what I want to convey: Each and every journey begins with the all-important first step. When this card presents itself, it’s confirming that it’s time for you to take a brave leap of faith — but be prepared as you do so. This card represents that a great new adventure is awaiting you. It usually shows up when there’s a significant inner change happening within you. By selecting this card, it’s a sign that those important choices — which are needed and are about to be made — should be carefully pondered as you proceed with wisdom, thought, and care.

Life is constantly nudging and moving you forward. At times, it can be daunting when you’re faced with a new adventure or direction; therefore, it calls for inner belief and courage as you take that leap of faith and step into the unknown. During this time, don’t be alarmed if you feel lost or even confused. Most people are afraid of change and play it safe by staying where they are. Know that through inner guidance, wisdom, and a belief in yourself — and by tapping into these tools — you’ll be propelled forward on a positive, life-changing path.

Don’t conform to what society or other individuals expect of you at this time. It’s your own adventure. During this time, be like an innocent child with fresh eyes; and give yourself permission to live, play, love, and, above all, laugh.

John’s Lesson

This week think about what gives you energy and what you can do to revive and renew your spirit.

Here are just some ideas of what you can do for your spirit:

  • Start to meditate or attend a group meditation class
  • Move your body. Tai Chi is a wonderful way to bring chi into your body and spirit
  • Eat a healthier diet
  • Go and listen to inspirational speakers that can motivate
  • Take a dance class
  • Volunteer your time
  • Walk in nature and breathe deeply
  • Take a break from your computer and social media, and visit people face to face
  • Take a risk. Is there a class, workshop, or hobby that you have always been drawn to?

These are just some of things you can do. Only you know or can discover what gets your energy going. Now, here’s the reality check. You may have the best intention to start your spirit practice, but life will throw up lots of hurdles to stop you. That’s when you have to make an extra effort to devote the time.

Let this year be the year you take care of ALL of you. It’s the perfect time to energize your life and revive your spirit! You’re worth it!

Live a Soul-filled life!