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HOW TO READ PHOTOS | The Art of Psychically Seeing Into Images
March 12th, 2022 - 2pm-5pm ET | 11am-2pm PT

Would you like to learn a totally new & different way to use your natural intuition or psychic ability?

Did you know that photographs of people, places & things hold a subtle energy within them, and once you develop the skill of ‘Photo Reading’ you can receive amazing psychic impressions from them?

Did you know Photo Readings have been used for missing person cases, online dating, and even doing pet readings?

Would you like to learn a specific technique to be more psychically receptive no matter who or what you are reading?

We all have our own specific intuitive and psychic strengths. Would you like to discover if you’re clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient by working with photographs?

Would you like to learn how to use photographs to connect to loved ones on the Other-Side?

Spend an afternoon on March 12th with a top Psychic Medium & Psychic Detective as they show you some of the techniques they use to do photo readings. You’ll gain some valuable tips to start doing it for yourself!

On March 12th John Holland & Pam Coronado will present a special & rare 3-hour LIVE event: How To Read Photos webinar. This is the first time this inspiring webinar has been offered, so places will go quickly! It will be an educational, practical and fun experience as Pam & John share their individual and unique skills and knowledge.

We're all equipped with a complex, highly tuned inner guidance system to tap in to, using our intuitive/psychic abilities. Receiving psychic information is all about energy.

Everything is made up of energy. People places, and objects store energy. Since you too are energy, you can receive and read information via your psychic senses.

Psychically reading a photograph is similar to doing psychometry. It’s the practice of holding someone’s personal possession, and then reading the object. It’s as if you are somehow seeing through touch. With photo readings you’re not just looking at a photo – but in essence, you’re looking into it and letting it come to life through images, feelings, words, and thoughts to tell you it’s story. Reading photos is an incredibly useful tool and this is a life skill everyone can benefit from and can be used in a myriad of ways!  No previous psychic or intuition training is needed to learn this skill.



For twenty-five years, Intuitive & Psychic Detective Pam Coronado has been helping people with her intuitive ability by doing private readings and has become one of the top and best Psychic Detectives in the world. She will be teaching you some of the techniques that she uses when doing any type of photo readings for law enforcement, how to tune into the energy of the person in the photo and how to look past the appearances and facial expressions.

She will also teach you how to tell what the color of the person’s aura is and how to interpret what that color means. She’ll show you how to feel out a prospective business associate, hires, tenants, a new love interest, or anyone you might want to run a ‘intuitive background check’ on.

John Holland has been demonstrating his psychic and mediumship abilities for over 20 years as well as teaching people to tap into their own spiritual gifts. John will give you guidance on how to use and expand on your own individual psychic strengths (clairvoyance, clairsentience, or clairaudience) when receiving impressions from photographs.

You’ll learn how to become open and place yourself in a receptive state, and how to expand and use your auric field to begin learning how to read a photo and how to interpret what you’re receiving. He will also teach you how to psychically scan a person, place, or thing.

This very useful scanning ability which John has perfected and has taught to thousands of students was featured on the A&E & Biography Channel.

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This introductory 3-hour LIVE webinar (inc. a 15 mins comfort break) includes:

  • The beginning steps to reading and interpreting psychic information from photographs

  • Understanding how your individual psychic strength functions

  • Using photos for personal readings and mediumship readings

  • How to use photo readings for new relationships and partners whether personal or business. What is their personality like, are they being truthful, are they a good prospect, and how to feel their intentions

  • Learning how to look past facial expressions and appearances

  • Techniques for reading photos for real estate, property, and automobiles

  • Learning to intuitively read animals through pet photos

  • Determine what you’re receiving is actual intuitive information or your imagination

  • Moving past your blocks and challenges so you can begin to trust and start to use your abilities now
  •  LIVE Q & A



Save 50% and register for your Early Bird Special price today at just $39.00

Webinar  Saturday, March 12th, 2022
2:00pm-5:00pm EST / 11:00am-2:00pm PST/ 7:00pm-10pm GMT


Through the webinar, you’ll be practicing LIVE in class with photographs that Pam and John will supply of people, places, and things that you won’t have seen before. You’ll be given practical and easy tips to continue practicing and expanding your new found knowledge of photo readings and you’ll also discover the many ways this ability can go far beyond just reading photos. 

Should you not be able to attend the LIVE Webinar, it will be recorded for all those who register, and posted 48hrs after the event. 

Note: It will be viewable until April 15th 2022

Please note that by registering for this webinar, you give your permission to receive further emails from John Holland & Pam Coronado

You will be able to participate through your computer, smartphone, tablet or phone. Please check your email or junk mail for your receipt, and instructions from Zoom on how to log on.  You will receive a reminder on the day of the webinar.  Please note, that once purchased, there are no refunds.

John Holland is one of the most respected Psychic Mediums in the country.  He is also a spiritual teacher, author, and founder of My Soul Community.
His demonstrations of mediumship provide audiences with a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of a medium, as he explains how he can blend his own energy with that of Spirit, to create a link to be able to communicate with the Other-Side.
He does this with candor, integrity humor and a lightness of touch, unique to John Holland.


Pam Coronado had a relatively normal life until her life took an unexpected left turn in 1996 after dreaming about the location of a missing local woman. She courageously helped find the body in real life and saw the ruthless killer brought to justice.

Pam worked on some of the nation’s highest profile cases and learning as much about crime, forensics, and missing persons as meditation, intuition and spiritual healing. Pam pursued psychic training to assist the FBI and other law enforcement agencies worldwide with heart-rending criminal cases, including Chandra Levy, Natalee Holloway, the D.C. Snipers, Vanessa Guillen, William Tyrell, and the Golden State Killer.