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For the first time, you can now watch ALL six-parts of the highly popular Aspects of Mediumship online classes with Spiritual Mediums: Janet Nohavec & John Holland, which are now being offered as streaming video-on-demand.

One year subscription to access the Aspects of Mediumship series - for just $79

Part 1 - Clairsentience, Clairaudience & Clairvoyance

This series has been specifically created for mediumship students of all levels. Whether you're new to mediumship, an advanced student or a working medium - this complete 6-part series will assist you with the unfoldment of your spiritual abilities, and develop them safely and wisely.

Mediumship works through the psychic faculties, which we all possess. Once a link with Spirit is established, a medium receives information through the psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

During this introductory class, John & Janet will show you how to:

  • Understand how mediumship works through your specific spiritual abilities.
  • Learn to strengthen your abilities of clairsentience, clairaudience, & clairvoyance ... so you become stronger and more evidential with your mediumistic connections.
  • Understand and learn to use the technique of mind focus awareness in your work.
  • Differentiate between psychic and mediumistic information.

Wow. Absolutely loved the first session. Thank you John. I have been using your decks for years in my Readings. Now I'm very interested in bringing Mediumship into my sessions. I'm learning through you and the lovely Janet how to let go and trust. I am so grateful.
Keryn S

Part 2 - Evidential Messages & The Power

Join John and Janet for PART 2 of this series, full of educational tools for the developing student to enhance and strengthen their mediumistic abilities.  Without the power and the presence of the Spirit World, Mediumship cannot happen. Learn to enter and engage with that power.

During this class, you will learn:

  • The structure of an evidential contact and how to deliver the information
  • The nature of the communicator.
  • How to hold the link with the Spirit World.
  • Awareness techniques
  • How your mediumship will change and evolve.
  • How to develop your own unique style to represent Spirit to the best of your ability.


I'm only half way through this course and OMG it's amazing!! Thank you so much! This course has helped me so much because I knew I was a medium and I had a very strong pull to towards mediumship, but I wasn’t sure how to connect and all that stuff.
Kathleen D

Part 3 - The Mechanics of Mediumship

There is a spiritual language that each working/developing medium should be aware of as part of their mediumistic foundation, and it’s learning to work in partnership with Spirit that will assist in your mediumship unfoldment. The great mediums who have paved the way before us have helped us understand the dynamics of being a ‘Walker Between Two Worlds’ and used special techniques and practices to deliver messages ethically and accurately with evidence to their loved ones here in the physical world.

Let us help you build your understanding of the Mechanics of Mediumship.
During this class, you will learn:

  • The meaning behind Signs & Symbols.
  • The mechanics of Mind-mapping.
  • How to use Telepathy & Intuition.
  • How to Develop the Other-Self (Your Spirit-Self)
  • How to move from the material world to the Spirit World.
  • To understand how the Spirit World directs evidence the Medium receives.

Hello from Malaysia! I was drawn to mediumship after watching a session by Michael Sandler with John Holland as guest and shortly after it led me to this. Thank you for the great experience sharing and tools to get us started.
Joyce H

Part 4 - The Awakened State

The development of Evidential Mediumship is a process of unfoldment. Understanding the dynamics and language of Spirit and learning the Mechanics of Mediumship are the goal of each medium. Each medium is continuously called to “Spiritualize” their being and connection to another world, which in turn makes us a better worker for Spirit. There’s a myriad of techniques that a developing medium can use to enhance the awareness of their own Spirit being to make you more sensitive to receiving psychic and mediumship information.

 Some of the topics to be covered in this class are:

  • Using your own personal toolkit for accurate evidence.
  • Learning to improve and build your awareness.
  • Empowerment tools for the medium.
  • Understanding your Spirit & Soul.
  • Navigating the material world as a spiritual being.
  • Igniting the incredible power of the Soul.
  • Explore the planes of Consciousness.
  • Experience a deep and profound meditation.

This was an OUTSTANDING series and great preparation for your actual workshop! Can't wait! Thank you!
Laura L

Part 5 - The Spirit Essence of Mediumship

Many people believe that Spirit Communication simply involves the spirit of a loved one and the medium. The two aren’t the only ones involved, it’s actually a 3-way connection.  Evidential contact between the Spirit World and the recipient involves the essence of the Medium, the Spirit and Recipient/Audience. spiritual cocktail blend best? Learn to assess how the link between all involved unfolds and what you can do to shift any aspect of it.

Some of the topics covered in this are:

  • Using the 3-Way Communication (spirit, medium, recipient) for an evidential and complete message.
  • Learn how to shift the energy of a contact.
  • The different aspects of Spirit & Soul Energy.
  • Understanding the intelligence of the Spirit World.
  • Learn Who is the main communicator from the Spirit World.
  • Learn about aspects of the participation of the sitter or audience.
  • Discover what we mean about the blending of the cocktail.
  • What to do with No’s and use them to push your mediumship.


This course is absolutely a must for any developing or practicing medium or those exploring their spirituality. It is packed with insights and tips that only those who are expert teachers can deliver. Bravi !

Part 6 - The Many Facets of Mediumship

The unfolding medium will find that they have the possibility of using their gift in various formats. This lecture will cover the many different ways that we can work with private clients and the public. Each aspect involves a vastly different blending of incarnate and discarnate souls. You will gain guidance on ways to interact with several different forms of mediumship, so you continue to evolve, become stronger and challenge your mediumistic potential.

Some topics to be covered in this class include:

  • Message Circles.
  • Individual Sessions.
  • Public Demonstrations.
  • Phone Readings.
  • Mini Readings.
  • Zoom readings and demonstrations of Mediumship.
  • Your energy management during these various types of work.
  • How to Build a Practice.



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John Holland Internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. His public demonstrations provide audiences with a rare glimpse into the fascinating subject of mediumship, which he delivers in his own unique style, explaining the delicate process of raising his own vibrational energy to link with the Other-Side and deliver messages, which he does with clarity, passion and the utmost integrity. John has spent a significant part of his life developing his abilities, and spent two intensive years studying in the UK, where he got the thorough grounding and training to become one of the most sought after professional mediums on the world stage today!

He is the author of the best sellers: Power of the Soul, Psychic Navigator, Born Knowing, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium, The Psychic Tarot for The Heart, The Spirit Messages: The Daily Guidance Oracle Deck, as well as 3 Apps and numerous online workshops based on his signature workshop series. His last book: Bridging TWO Realms was published in 2018.


Janet Nohavec a former Roman Catholic nun, is known as a pioneer in the Mediumistic community. A medium since birth, she is an approved overseas tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England. 

For over 20 years, Janet has evidentially connected individuals here with their departed loved ones. Janet’s client basis spans over 20 countries. Janet has been featured in New Jersey Monthly, Psychic News, and The Bergen Record as well on FOX Channel News and New Jersey 12. Janet is an ordained minister and pastor of The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, NJ and founder of the Journey Within School for Mediumship.

She has also worked extensively with law enforcement on missing person cases and homicides. Janet’s client basis includes celebrities, politicians, priests, and nuns. Janet has authored two books Through the Darkness, her autobiography, and Where Two Worlds Meet, her book on developing evidential mediumship. Janet considers her body of work a sacred gift – given by God at birth.