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Begin a transformative journey of self-discovery at our exclusive 3-day retreat led by four gifted practitioners—psychic mediums, an angel & oracle expert, and an aura specialist. 

Nestled in a serene sanctuary, this immersive experience invites you to explore the depths of your spiritual awareness and natural intuitive abilities.  

Each presenter will offer intuitive group readings providing guidance and connection from the spiritual realms. This retreat will be an insightful and intimate journey, where participants will learn how reach out and connect to their own Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones. There will be practical exercises to amplify the participants intuitive gifts and discover the benefits of knowing how to read and work with their own aura. 

This retreat serves as a sacred space for self-reflection, healing, personal growth, and connection with like-minded souls. 

     The Schedule

~ Maureen Hancock ~

How to Connect & Communicate with Your Celestial Helpers
Reach Your Greatest Potential with Your Team of Ascended Beings

FRIDAY • Evening

A Spirit Guide is a non-physical being assigned to help us attain our greatest potential on Earth. They resonate at high frequencies and advanced levels of mastery. Think of your Spirit Guide as your professor in the classroom of Earth school! Gain clarity, connection, and purpose when you follow the advice and guidance of your spirit team. Our guides are our life compass, offering alternate directions, which ultimately clear the path for a more fulfilled life.

Come on a powerful journey with Psychic Medium Maureen Hancock to meet your guides and deepen your connection with them. Through powerful meditations, astral dream travel, and interactive conversations, we will access the higher realms to understand and strengthen the divine knowledge they can provide. Maureen will demonstrate mediumship with her Spirit Team, delivering postcards from Heaven.

The bonds of love cannot be broken by this temporary physical disconnection.

~ Dougall  Fraser ~

Your Auric Light
Empower Your Soul with the Energy of Color

SATURDAY • Morning

Everyone has an aura, it’s the magnetic energy field that surrounds us, and within each aura are different colors and hues. Every color has its own meaning, and each can affect you in uniquely different and profound ways. Discover the fascinating language of color energy! Have you ever wondered what your favorite color says about you?

Renowned Psychic, Aura & Color Energy Expert Dougall Fraser, who has had the unique ability to see color energy around people from early childhood, will be your guide, unveiling the secrets of how the universe communicates through vibrant hues. Gain insight into the significance of prominent aura colors and acquire the tools to harmonize your own aura with your innermost desires. Learn to unlock the power of color and transform your life from within!

The rest of your tomorrows - depends on your transformation today.

~ John Holland ~


Signs, Symbols & Spirit 
Understanding the Divine Connections Around Us

SATURDAY • Afternoon

There’s a special language that transcends time and space, a language that is not constrained by the limitations of words, but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy, and of thought. This language can only be heard and seen when you truly pay attention. It is… the language of Spirit.

As a soul, we have the natural ability to connect with each other on a soul-level here in the physical world, as well as our loved ones on the Other-side. John will teach you how to hear the whispers of your own soul for guidance.

Plus, he’ll assist you in learning how to connect & recognize when your loved ones are trying to communicate with you through the language of signs, symbols, dreams, and synchronicity. Every time you connect with a loved one, it builds a bridge that strengthens the connection between the two realms.

John will conclude his workshop with a demonstration of his mediumship.

Creating connections with loved ones on the Other-Side, brings solace, comfort, and closure ... then I've fulfilled my purpose.

~ Radleigh Valentine ~

The Path to Angelic Wisdom
A Journey of Transformation & Spiritual Growth

SUNDAY • Morning

Angels are messengers from the Divine that act as your caring protectors, illuminating your path when you feel lost or uncertain. They accompany you on your journey through life, ready to lend their support whenever asked. However, the realm of these extraordinary beings holds deeper layers. Your guardian angels are dedicated to you and you alone. Every archangel embodies distinct virtues that can enrich your life in meaningful ways.

Have you felt the urge to commune with your angels? Are you in search of angelic assistance and counsel for any aspect of your life? Do you aspire to collaborate with the angels in receiving messages of encouragement and restoration to both yourself as well as others? Join Radleigh Valentine as he lovingly guides you into the realm of angelic love, wisdom, and protection.  

There's no where I can go. No place I can hide where my angels are not looking over me, and loving me beyond words.

SUNDAY • Late Morning
Panel with Maureen Hancock, Dougall Fraser, Radleigh Valentine & John Holland.