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Did you know that you're watched over, guided, and loved by powerful spiritual beings that want to assist, inspire and offer you guidance now?

  • Do you want to learn how to connect with your Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones in Spirit for healing and comfort?
  • Did you know that those in the Spiritual Realm have their own special language to communicate with us?
  • Are you aware that your loved ones in Spirit want to talk to you – as much as you want to talk to them?
  • Would you like to discover how and which Angels can assist you with relationships, career, finances, protection and well-being?
  • Do you know that your Spirit Helpers are sending you signs and signals all the time? Do you know how to recognize and interpret those signs?
  • Did you know there are specific ways to learn the difference between your imagination and trusting divine guidance?

There could be many reasons why you’re guided or drawn to this special online event — or perhaps synchronicity had a part to play in how this special webinar found you!

On May 5th 2022, Psychic Medium John Holland & Angel Intuitive Karen Paolino will present this very special 2½ hour LIVE Angels & The Afterlife webinar. It will be a practical, enlightening, inspiring, and healing experience as they combine their individual skills and knowledge. As an extra BONUS John & Karen will offer an additional evening of readings for some of the participants of this webinar.

Did you know that you're watched over, guided, and loved by powerful spiritual beings that want nothing other than to assist, inspire and offer you guidance now?
But so many people believe that you need to have special abilities to connect with those in the Spiritual Realm.

Whether you're a “newbie” on this spiritual journey or you're intrigued about your Angels, Guides, or Spirit Loved Ones, once you understand how communication works, the proper way to set an intention, and understand how important it is to stay grounded, then it's possible for anyone to have their own unique and personal experience connecting to those in the Spiritual Realm.

When you develop a deep desire to experience it, the Divine says, “Yes! They’re finally ready. Let’s step in and help.” The co-creation begins and everything naturally falls into place to bring about its manifestation.

We developed the Angels & Afterlife webinar to help everyone to remember they’re never, ever alone and they are supported by the Divine in every aspect of their life.

With love and blessings ... John & Karen

With faith, trust, and belief in the impossible, miracles can happen.


For over 20 years, Karen Paolino has been offering private readings and teaching others worldwide how to awaken their own personal connection and communication with the Divine. In this unique webinar, she will be teaching you how to break through your beliefs and blocks so you can trust the unconditional love of the angels and their ever-present support to help you heal and receive guidance in all aspects of your life. She'll also share some of her powerful practices to invoke the angels to help you manifest your desires and offer some intuitive exercises to enhance your ability to receive Divine guidance and messages.

John Holland has been demonstrating his psychic and mediumship abilities for over 25 years as well as teaching people to tap into their own spiritual gifts. John will give you specific guidance on how to raise your frequency so you can learn to blend and communicate with those in the Spiritual Realm. When he's working as a medium, he has to raise his energy while those on the Other-Side lower theirs to forge a link between the two worlds. He'll explain what is ‘true’ spiritual communication from your Spirit Helpers vs imagination so you can differentiate between the two as you stay grounded and learn to work with them.

Throughout the webinar, you’ll be given practical and easy ways to experience, and strengthen your connection to your own personal Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones. Come join us, so you can learn to open yourself up to the many ways that those in the spiritual realm send you their wisdom, assistance and guidance.

••• OUTLINE •••

This special 2½ hour LIVE webinar includes:

  • An introduction to your innate psychic abilities, including the different ways we receive psychic impressions. The more in tune you are – the better receiver you’ll be.

  • Breaking through your current beliefs, and overcome your blocks and challenges, so you can accept your Divine birthright to receive Divine support, messages and miracles.

  • Asking for signs and the myriad of ways that Angels and Spirit can show up or manifest in your life.

  • Deepen and enhance your spiritual practice to connect and communicate with your Angels.

  • Learning the difference between your imagination and trusting Divine Guidance.

  • Staying grounded and knowing what your Spirit Helpers can do for you and what is your own personal responsibility.

  • Learn a powerful mantra to instantly align to the Divine to quicken your miraculous manifestations.

  • Live Q & A .


Save 50% and register for your Early Bird Special price today at just $39.00

Webinar  May 5th, 2022
7:00pm-9:30pm EST / 4:00pm-6:30pm PST/ 12:00am-2:30am GMT


Special BONUS Event  May 11th, 2022

7:00pm-8:30pm EST / 4:00pm-5:30pm PST/ 12:00am-1:30am GMT

Should you not be able to attend the LIVE webinar, it will be recorded for all those who register, and posted 48hrs after the event.
The webinar will be viewable until May 18th, 2022

Please note that by registering for this webinar, you give your permission to receive further emails from John Holland & Karen Paolino

You will be able to participate through your computer, smartphone, tablet or phone. Please check your email or junk mail for your receipt, and instructions from Zoom on how to log on.  You will receive a reminder on the day of the webinar.  Please note, that once purchased, there are no refunds.

Bonus Webinar Date: May 11th, 2022
Time: 7pm-8:30pm ET |  4pm-5:30pm PT | 12am-1:30am GMT


As a Special Bonus for attendees of the May 5th 2022 LIVE webinar.

John & Karen will be offering a special LIVE Bonus Webinar on May 11th, for taking some questions - but they will honor the bonus time to offer readings to connect with your Angels & Loved Ones for some of the participants.

When you register for this webinar, you will also receive a separate invitation after the first webinar for this Bonus Reading session. It's entirely optional for those who wish to attend, to possibly receive a reading.

Please Note: The webinar portion on May 5th will be recorded and a viewable link sent to everyone who registers.

The Special Bonus Event on May 11th, due to the privacy of those who receive readings will NOT be recorded. You must attend this event for an opportunity for a reading. 

John Holland Internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, of numerous titles, oracle decks and apps.

His public demonstrations aim to provide audiences with a rare glimpse into the fascinating subject of mediumship, which he delivers in his own unique style, explaining the delicate process of raising his own vibrational energy to link with the Other-Side and deliver messages, which he does with clarity, passion and the utmost integrity.


Karen Paolino  Renowned Angel Intuitive, Soul Medium, Karen has been dubbed “the real deal”. For over two decades, Karen has helped thousands of people around the world heal, connect and rediscover their divine essence through her books, workshops, certification programs, and private sessions.

Karen offers her audience and her clients the opportunity for experiential play, deep healing and radical awakenings.