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Spiritual, Divine, Higher Guidance are terms we so often hear, (especially lately) - but what do these really mean? Can we receive guidance, inspiration and wisdom from the spiritual realms? The answer is YES! We all have the ability to tap into a higher source or wisdom – but how does one begin to do that?


Are you aware that there is a myriad of ways to connect easily and effortlessly to the higher realms where guidance and direction can be accessed?

Would you like to learn how to raise your consciousness, which will help you to control the direction of your life to enable you to make the changes you've so longed for?

Would you like to understand how the energy of the higher spiritual realms comes through you, so you can learn to work in partnership with it?

Did you know that there are many in the spiritual realms that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share their loving support, guidance and wisdom with you?

On September 23rd 2021, Psychic Medium John Holland and Channeler & Medium Paul Selig will team up for the first time to present a very special 2½ hour LIVE webinar "How To Access Your Higher Wisdom."

In this rare LIVE online event, John will be teaching you about the various ways to raise your consciousness. He'll explain the many uses and benefits, as well as using his connection with Spirit to demonstrate his process.

Paul will offer a channeled lecture & LIVE Q&A, so you can ask your questions directly to Paul and his Guides. This special webinar will help you to understand what ‘spiritual guidance’ means, enabling you to access and receive the higher divine wisdom yourself and apply the knowledge to all areas of your life. 

You don’t have to be a psychic, medium, or professional channeler to access the wisdom and guidance from the higher spiritual realms. Once you learn how to shift your awareness to an expanded state of consciousness, this is when connection can happen with your guides, spirit helpers, and loved ones.

John says: "If we want to connect to the spiritual realms and the information that can be accessed - we all must firstly learn to raise our energy so that those in the spiritual realm can lower theirs and meet us half way."


Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The Book of Knowing and Worth, The Book of Mastery, The Book of Truth, The Book of Freedom, and Beyond the Known: Realization, he has recorded an extraordinary program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature.

He has helped thousands of people reach their full potential, and teaches the importance of operating from a "higher realm." In this webinar Paul and his Guides will be giving a channeled lecture and will also offer a LIVE Q&A where you can ask your questions directly to his Guides. 

John Holland has been demonstrating his psychic and mediumship abilities for years as well as teaching people to tap into their own spiritual gifts. His latest book: Bridging Two Realms – Learn to Communicate with Your Loved on the Other-Side has helped thousands who were grieving from their loss, as well as assisting those who want to develop their own psychic and mediumship potential.

John will give you guidance on how to raise your frequency and teach you to Soul-Shift so you can learn to blend, communicate, and download the information from the ever-expanding Spiritual Realms. For the teaching purpose of this special webinar, John will be doing a few Psychic & Soul Readings as he explains the techniques he's using, so you'll understand the process and how the information is coming to him whether it’s through clairvoyance, clairsentience, or clairaudience.

••• OUTLINE •••

This 2½ hour LIVE webinar includes:

  • An all-new LIVE webinar from the comfort of home without incurring the costs of travel and accommodations

  • Teaching lectures & demonstrations from John himself & Paul’s Guides

  • Spiritual Guidance Defined: What exactly is Spiritual Guidance

  • How to create a clear and positive intention before you begin

  • Learning specific techniques to relax the mind to achieve an altered receptive state

  • Staying grounded and knowing what information and guidance can be accessed from the Spiritual Realms and Guides rather than what is your own personal responsibility

  • How to differentiate from true inspiration vs imagination

  • The benefits of learning to raise your consciousness and the many ways that this can be achieved

  • For teaching purposes, an example of Psychic & Soul Readings with John and some of the attendees

  • LIVE Q&A with Paul & his Guides


Save 50% and register for your Early Bird Special price today at just $29.00

Webinar  September 23rd, 2021
7:00pm-9:30pm EST / 4:00pm-6:30pm PST/ 12:00am-2:30am GMT (Aug 26th)


Should you not be able to attend the LIVE Webinar, it will be recorded for all those who purchase it, and posted 48hrs after the event.

Please note that by registering for this webinar, you give your permission to receive further emails from John Holland & Paul Selig.

You will be able to participate through your computer, smartphone, tablet or phone. Please check your email or junk mail for your receipt, and instructions from Zoom on how to log on.  You will receive a reminder on the day of the webinar.  Please note, that once purchased, there are no refunds.

John Holland is one of the most respected Psychic Mediums in the country.  He is also a spiritual teacher, author, and founder of My Soul Community.
His demonstrations of mediumship provide audiences with a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of a medium, as he explains how he can blend his own energy with that of Spirit, to create a link to be able to communicate with the Other-Side.
He does this with candor, integrity humor and a lightness of touch, unique to John Holland.


Paul Selig born in New York City, Paul Selig attended New York University and received his master's degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. With 8 acclaimed channeled books in print, Paul is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature working today.

Paul offers channeled workshops internationally. He serves on the faculty of The Kripalu Center & the Esalen Institute. A noted playwright & educator, he served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. He directed the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College for many years and now serves on the college's Board of Trustees.