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Spirit Connections Radio Show

Listen Live Mondays 12pm-1pm PST (2-3pm CST, 3-4pm EST) or click here to listen to an Archived Show.

Through this fascinating weekly show "Spirit Connections", John's goals are to:

  • Push the limits of your consciousness
  • Explore your own inner-guidance
  • Provide confirmation that we're all more than just physical beings; that we're spiritual beings with unlimited potential.

John provides listeners with a gateway to the Other-Side, as he opens the Spirit Connection. So, tune in each week for this unique call-in show, as John answers your questions, connects you to your loved ones, and introduces you to his special guests to open your mind, body, and spirit to a new frontier of spiritual understanding.

JULY 2019

July 1st – The Bridge of Love – The bond that links us to our family is not just one of blood — but also of love. When reaching out to those in the Spirit World, we have to do our part in building the bridge between this world and the next.

Join John this week as he explains the different ways that you can build that special bridge for yourself. He will be taking your calls, questions, and doing readings for the listening audience.

July 8th – Encore Show

July 15th – Are Psychics & Mediums The Same? – Do you know the difference between someone working as a Psychic vs. a Medium?

Join John this week for he'll not only explain the difference - but will also show you by doing both types of readings for the listening audience. This will be an educational and fun show!

July 22nd The Energy of Healing Do some people have healing energy that can help others? Can people be healed from a distance? Are you interested in studying energy healing yourself? Join John this week and his special guest: Energy Healer Prajna Avalon.  

They'll be discussing what energy healing is, how it can help and heal, and how we harness this special energy and use it for ourselves. John will also be sharing is own personal story of how Prajna’s healing touched his life. They'll be taking calls, answering your questions, and doing a LIVE healing over the radio!

July 29th – Psychic Tarot Hour – Join John this week and his special guest: Tarot Master Ann Hentz as they take your calls.

They’ll be using his best selling Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck & Psychic Tarot for the Heart and other tarot cards to give you a special reading. This show is always lively and touching, as well as revealing to see just what the Universe is trying to say to you through the power of tarot cards!


August 5th – Psychic Symbols – Spirit speaks to us in words, images, feelings, and symbols. Would like to know how to create a special language that’s personal to you, and to those in the Spirit World?

Join John for this special hour where he'll explain how to begin to build your psychic database of symbols, memories, images and signs. Once you understand how to work with Spirit in this way - you’ll realize it really is the ultimate partnership. He’ll be taking your calls, answering questions and doing readings for some of the lucky listening audience!

August 12th – Living Images - Spirit Art – Is it possible for certain mediums to have the ability to draw loved ones in Spirit for a client – even though they’re not working from any actual pictures or photographs? The answer is YES!

Join John this week and his very special guest: Medium & Spirit Artist: Joseph Shiel. They'll be discussing his work, how Spirit works through a Spirit Artist, and how one can develop this unique ability. They'll be taking your calls, answering questions, and doing readings. This is going to be a great show!

August 19th – Helping Parents Heal – Have you or someone you know had a child pass away?

Join John and his special guest Mark Ireland, author and co-founder of Helping Parents Heal. They’ll be taking your calls, answering questions, and giving advice to parents, family, and friends that have suffered the loss of a child.

*Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents to become Shining Light Parents by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process.

August 26th – Psychic Tarot Hour – Encore Show


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