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John's work is introduced to New England


A reading with John is a three way process involving Spirit, the medium and the client. John acts as the ‘middleman’ between you, here in the physical world and the Spirit World. Validation is the most important aspect of spirit communication.

Communication happens in various ways depending on the medium’s abilities. Some mediums are clairvoyant (clear seeing) clairsentient (the inner-sense of knowing) or clairaudient (the inner-sense of hearing). In John’s case, he uses all of these abilities as he forges the link by raising his vibrational level to those of spirit, so the connection is made – only then can messages be passed through. Information doesn’t come from John – he receives information from those in the Spirit World. He’s merely the messenger!

The process begins with authentication to make sure the link is for you, and to confirm the evidence. In all John’s sittings and public demonstrations, he strives to give the highest evidence possible that your loved ones are still with you and very much alive in the Spirit World.

John isn't doing private readings at this point, and the closest thing to a private reading would be to attend one of his small groups, which happen in Amesbury, MA.

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